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Do you remember this one T-Shirt you liked so much as kid? You wore it on every occasion but suddenly it was damaged.  FamiLane brings back your childhoods magic - the carefree, happy and playful time with unique design - which we call memories. Memories which help you remember the "good old days" or to create some for your baby, your kid, your grandson, your granddaughter, your father, your mother, your aunt, your uncle, your son, your daughter - just for everyone of your beloved! Your hole family! Every memory has it's own funny or interesting fact, so check them out! :) 

Our clothes content as much cotton as possible and they are processed in the US. We believe everyone deserves a fair salary and so all our supplier, our freelancer and everyone who helps us to make great products for you get a fair payment :)

Store information

  • Online since 28th June 2019
  • Over 800 design with more than 3000 products - we update daily :)
  • Our goal is to make you and your beloved ones happy!

Store owner

FamiLane / Andrea Iten
Bachmattli 2
6314 Unteraegeri


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