The ultimate guide to closet essentials

hey guys and welcome to a wardrobe essentials article. I feel like such an old-school youtuber doing this, because I watched so many of these articles. When I was like in middle school in high school, probably Frei Jepsen was playing so well. It was still big on YouTube and there were a ton of wardrobe essentials. I thought they were helpful, but I feel like they always just told you like. You need a t-shirt and like no shit, of course, I need a t-shirt but like how am I supposed to choose a good t-shirt and what brands should I buy it from and what's an affordable option and a more expensive option. So those are things that I'm hopefully goon an include in this article today. I really want to give you guys, like a more comprehensive guide to how to pick a flattering, fit and good quality pieces so that you can build a solid base to your wardrobe and then branch out from there for me and I think a lot of people Investing in basics is kind of a hard process like mentally, because it just sucks to spend you know 20 50 $ 100 on something that seems so not exciting basic one might even say, but think of these basics as the building blocks of your wardrobe. And you can't get to like the top of the fashion tower without having a solid foundation metaphor and even if you keep your style, simpler. Having like an amazing fitting pair of jeans and a t-shirt and a leather jacket can make. You seem so well styled and like stylish, even though you're wearing just a combination of basic pieces, so without further ado, let's jump into it now. I want to talk about this first, because a good pair of jeans is like finding a fucking rare Pokémon. Like you really must hunt them down now, everybody's goon can have their different jeans preferences, but here are some of my main criteria for finding the perfect pair of jeans. I always look for a high-rise Jean and I mean a high price Jean. I have like a long torso compared to my legs, so I need an 11 to 12-inch rise for it to like to reach my belly button region. Secondly, I look for a straight fit throughout the legs, something that feels a little bit vintage inspired. It feels a little bit more grown-up than a jegging, and thirdly, I look at where it ends on the ankle. If it's too long and it hits your foot, it can end up looking a little bit like messy and your legs look shorter if it ends like Capri length without being a culotte or something intentional. That can also look awkward, so ankle length is where you want them to end. If your jeans are a raw hem like these lines, you can always take some scissors and cut off an inch or two from the bottom, so that the hem is perfect. For you, I end up doing that on a lot of my jeans, just because I can't find the perfect length Jean otherwise, and my last main criteria is fabric. I am such a nerd for denim fabrics like five years ago, when I worked at American Eagle. Jeggings were the shit, and everybody wanted stretch down. I know it is more comfortable to start out with, but I actually recommend quite a stiff denim, it's goon an last longer and not rip in the crotch, like all of my jeggings did when I was in high school, and it's also goon an give you a More structured, expensive, just like good, true denim, look so check the material label on the inside of your jeans. This is a hundred percent cotton, which is what I read recommend. You can also do 95 % cotton and 5 % spandex. If you want a little bit of stretch, I wouldn't recommend going over 5 % spandex, because then it does get a little bit stretchy and the jeans won't last as long or look as clean on your legs. That brings me to my specific Jean brand recommendations. We’re goon a work our way from most expensive to least expensive. So first up we have redone and goddamn. These cost a pretty penny, but they are sustainable, amazing quality and they also offer free repairs for life. However, if you have a bit of a bootie - and I mean like even a little bit - because even my butt is a little bit big for these jeans - they may not be the best fit. They don't have too much stretch and they're really built for more of like a rectangular straight up and down say next. We have genes from ERISA which are a damn good dupe for the redone jeans. These have a little bit of stretch to them. So, I find them comfortable just going about my daily life when I want a little bit more room to breathe and move around made. Well is also a great option, especially if you're a bit curvier, since these jeans have the most stretch out of any of mine. Their jeans do run like 100 to 200 dollars, but if you catch them on sale, I've gotten made while jeans for like 20 dollars. So, they could be kind of an affordable option if you get lucky next, we have my current favourite pair of jeans. They are from Athens, which is a small, sustainable, Australian brand. I love how high-waisted these are. I love the fit on the leg. I love the back-pocket detail that feels a little bit like 70s. It feels kind of retro and at 70 dollars. These are a pretty reasonable price for a good pair of jeans and then last up, I have some vintage Levi's that I thrifted and then altered. Now I find that vintage Levi's are so hard to find in smaller sizes. So, if you are more petite, don't be afraid to get out a sewing machine or a needle, or just ask your mom to help you out and take in the waist of the jeans. So that they fit you a little bit better, I used to be very casual about my short shopping. I just like to buy whatever was on sale for $ 20, but I honestly think that you need to give as much thought to buying a denim pair of shorts as you do to a denim pair of jeans. If you're like me, I wear shorts every single day during the summer and if you buy a cheap pair, they will wear out by the end. These ones are my new favourite. They are from a brand jean. I got them off princess Polly and they cost nearly $ 100, which I know is quite expensive for shorts, but seriously like the denim on these is so much higher quality and it's goon an last so much longer than something from like Hollister. I always look for a very high waisted kind of festival inspired fit. I tend to go a size up with my shorts because since they're already, like so short on the butt, I like there to be a little bit more room around the crotch. So, it's not like ultra-tight, it's also great in the summer, so your crotch doesn't get too sweaty. I also look for shorts that seem a little bit long to begin with, like I like my shorts, goddamn short. So when I first got these, I'm like whom this is, you know a two and a half inch inseam, that's a little bit conservative for my case, but as the shorts get more worn in this part, is goon an start to crinkle up as you sit down And like around so they're goon an end up looking like a little bit more bootylicious in these original shorts, if you aren't into that booty tactic, look, though, here's a slightly more conservative pair from Athens. I love how like 90s inspired. These are, and I feel like they stand out from the range of like typical, high-waisted denim shorts. This oh gosh black boots come in a million different styles, so I have a couple options to show you guys for my recommendations, but these are my first ones. If you're in college or walk around a lot, Dr


Martens are 100 % by recommendation because they're comfortable they're weatherproof, but they also add a good bit of personality to your outfit and they're built to last for decades. I know people like go to the grave with their dog, Barton’s they've had them for decades and decades. So, they are a really good investment as well. Next, I have some heeled booties in case you need a little bit of height or you're a bit more of a fancy type of gal. These are from Nasty Gal and they cost like 30 bucks. They were goddamn affordable. What I look for in a heeled boot is a block heel, so they're more comfortable to walk in. You can do some good old stomping in these and they aren't going anywhere. I also in quite particular about my toe shape. These are a square toe which I think is groovy. It’s kind of 70s inspired and a little bit more funky versus something like a round toe, which is a little bit more like 2010. And lastly, I look at this ankle area and make sure that it hugs my ankles snugly. I don't like boots that are kind of loose and like flatted around the ankle, because it can make your leg look chunkier. It interrupts like the nice shapely curve that you have going on, so I like something that's more form-fitting. It also makes it so easy to tuck underneath my straight leg jeans. It just goes whoop right on top and creates a sleek silhouette, and then my last recommendation is such a statement. If Dr


Martens aren't enough, for you like to give these a try. These are the shoes of my 2012 Tumblr dreams. They are so cool and they're surprisingly, easy to walk in considering how high these heels are. So, if you're looking for a basic, that's not super basic, I would recommend these there aren't that many sneaker brands out there, so I'm just go on an tell you like the exact models that I would recommend. These are the Nike Air Force, one jester they're called adjusters, because the logo is like melted down kind of Salvador, Dali style onto the bottom of the shoe, which I think is like kind of groovy, and these are incredibly comfortable. They look good with jeans. They look good with a dress. I honestly, like can't think of an outfit. These wouldn't work with my other sneaker recommendations are the Fila destroyers. This is like a bit more of a funky ooh. These are great for when I feel like making more of a statement, and I also have these vintage Reeboks, as you can tell, by how yellow they are. These have gotten a lot of love. They are comfortable and lightweight and they're a very low-profile understated shoe if you are looking for something, that's more subtle. My last shoe basic is this kind of. I don't know what to call it. It’s like a pointy block heel type shoe. I look for a nude or cream colour, something neutral that will go with a lot of outfits, but also blend into my leg and make my legs look a bit more elongated. I really like a pointed toe. So again, it along gates the toe box and makes your legs look a little bit longer and a block heel, that's just an inch or two is perfect because it gives you some height, but it's still walkable. If you're looking for shoes like this, I would recommend Steve Madden makes a damn good shoe and I would also recommend Topshop. I think these are like kind of a British style shoe, so I think they have some on their website as well. This took me so long to figure out, but Victoria's Secret bronze suck. Somehow, they have managed to throw like 5 million marketing dollars at all of us, and I grew up thinking that Victoria's Secret genuinely had the most comfortable pearls out there. But oh ho. I was wrong, so I would recommend Harry is a great option. This is my favourite bralette from them. It’s comfortable, it's unlined and it's the perfect amount of lacy. So, I don't really mind if it peeks through my shirt. I would also recommend Calvin Klein, which is the brawl that I'm wearing right now. Wow take a take a good look at that smooth, well supported breast folks. Calvin Klein makes good bras. I’ve washed this like 50 times. I wear it nearly every day. To be honest and still holding up great surprise, the prize folks, you never could have guessed it. Yeah white t-shirt, black t-shirt essentials in the wardrobe. Now you think that most t-shirts are made equal and they're made of a similar fabric, they're similar cut. Who really cares, but I can't tattoo, I recommend. Try on your t-shirts in stores, just like you're shopping for a pair of jeans, go to like five different stores, try on a bunch of different t-shirts and different sizes and different cuts at each store and come out with your favourite. Take a close look at the fabric and feel how does it drink? How does it fit me on the shoulders? Are the sleeves flattering on my arms? This one is from redone, which is sustainable, but also you know $ 80. So, I know everybody can't buy this. For more affordable options check out every Lane made well or brandy, Melville one of the t-shirts that I've worn for like five years is Ashley from forever 21. The key was to make sure that it was a hundred percent cotton and I sized up to a medium for a slightly more relaxed fit now. Our next essential is a white blouse or really any type of talk. That’s fancy enough to be like a nice top and jeans outfit on a blouse like this. I personally look for a wide neckline so that I can show off my collarbone area, and I also look for little details that elevate it. For example, this has a corset top. It has this frill detail around the bottom and around the bus, and the sleeves has a little puff at the top and at the cuff, so it just makes the whole thing look very like fancy pirate. I don't know it has a lot of details, so, even if you pair it with something more basic, it's goon an elevate the whole outfit uh-huh. Next up, we have a black turtleneck pairing with a red lip and a low bun you're channelling, those Audrey Hepburn vibes. If you pair it with jeans or channelling those Steve Jobs, vibes equally fashionable equally great option, and this isn't essential for me because it's perfect for layering, I love layering, a strappy dress, a strappy thrifted came, even like a corset detail situation on top of this, and It is the perfect background for those days. That’s a little bit chillier. This one is actually a bodysuit which is not essential, but it's actually so nice when you are layering it with a bunch of other pieces of clothing to have the body C that keeps it all nicely tucked into the crotch area. This one is from somersault, which is like a small female owned brand, genuinely the best turtle. I have ever felt it’s a ribbed material, it's so stretchy. I love the bodysuit on it, but again you can find these pretty much anywhere a sauce ever Lane. You can really find them anywhere for like under $ 20, I have a personal vendetta against crew necks on sweaters. I think they look so boring and like unflattering, so I love that this sweater has a mock neck. It has a balloon sleeve and a chunky knit, so it has all those little details that help a basic piece. Look, not so basic. I’ve also thrifted a bunch of my favourite sweaters, including this one. If you're twisting look out for a hundred percent silk and a hundred percent cashmere sweaters, they're surprisingly easy to find and really bougie really good materials that age quite well now a little black dress will forever be a classic, but I actually don't own one, and instead I own a little patterned dress, I feel like since the age of reformation and these little like flirty summery dresses. This is the new little black dress, at least in my opinion, especially because I have so many solid colours in the rest of my wardrobe. I love something with a fun pattern: to change it up. What I look for in a dress is obviously a good fit. I also look for a good sipper, because this is the death of like many a cheap dress. Is this zipper not going up and down properly so make sure she is sturdy and secure? This one is a very fancy one from privacy. Please they make the most stunning dresses. I would say I like them better than reformation stresses. Oh, I know that's heresy. I also love this dress from Urban Outfitters. I recently made a article with ten ways to silent and I love how versatile this dress is, and it's very like picnic, a bitch but like a vintage picnic bitch and of course, you can find a cute dress at any price point. This one is from forever 21 and look. This looks like some Reformation shit. It is so cute on this one is one from brandy Melville, which I know is kind of shitty, because they only have one size and the one size it's like extra small. But if you do happen to fit them, brandy, Melville has some cute and comfortable dresses, as well as you guys might be able to tell by my outfit. I am a fan of a good denim jacket. They have been in style for so long that you can find one so easily at the thrift store. If you can't find the perfect one in the woman section check out the men's section, and you can find a cool oversized fit like this. This one I thrifted for like $ 15, it was so affordable. I always look for a denim jacket that has a little bit more of a plane wash. I don't want too much distressing too much craziness going on, and I also love the contrast stitching on this. One, I think it adds a cool detail. I also wanted to show you guys this jacket, which I got new from Levi's. This is just like a good-ass jacket. You know when you hold something, that's like well-made and you're just like. Oh, this is a good, a good item of clothing. That’s how I feel in this jacket. I don't know if you guys went through this phase, but in middle school every year I would get so attached to one hoodie jacket situation and I would wear that hoodie. Every single day to school for the rest of the year, this jacket is my version of my middle school hoodie. It feels so safe and like comfortable and it's just a genuinely well-made article of clothing, which is kind of hard to find these days. My last clothing, essential is a leather jacket. This is my favourite leather jacket and it is from a sauce. I got it for like 50 bucks. Unfortunately, it is sold out right now, but I'll tell you about the criteria that I looked for in this jacket and maybe you can find your own as well, but the number one thing that I love about this is the way the sleeves fit. As you can see, this is nearly like a Dolman sleeve, it's a very large armpit area, because leather is such a stiff material. I want that extra room, so I can easily lift my arms I've made that mistake in the past with my leather jackets. I got them a little bit too snug and then I like don't have proper arm mobility. The second thing I looked at was the length of this jacket. I really like that it is on the crop side, especially because I wear so many high waisted jeans or fit-and-flare dresses. I want a jacket that ends closer to my waist, so then my hips, so that it maintains my like hourglass there's an hourglass figure but like it maintains kind of my illusion of like an hourglass figure and a more high-waisted silhouette. If that makes sense - and the third thing I looked at was the hardware - I love that the hardware on this isn't a super bright silver. Instead, it's the sworn in Coppertone, it's a lot more understated and especially as somebody who wears a lot of gold jewellery. This matches my accessories a lot better. Now. This is something that I've just been recently getting into, because while I was still in school, I just had a backpack and I loved my falafel pschent in a fall Raven tank in this was a good backpack. While I was in school, but now that I'm an adult now that I'm an adult, I'm not a real adult, now that I'm like a fake adult, I have been getting into purses here's my criteria for a good purse. First, material is key. Vegans don't come for me, but I am a fan of a good leather material. Secondly, I look for some interesting hardware, so I love the ring detail on this one and it has some rings up near the straps as well. And thirdly, I look for something that is easy to wear and easy to open. I cannot stay on purses that have like a buckle and like five magnets and like a security code that six digits long. I just want something that you can open put your stuff in. Take it back out, grant it. This might be different if you live in a city with a lot of pickpockets or thieves. So, this is my current favourite. It is from Cosette numbers, which is a small brand. They make a goddamn good person. I cannot lie, it is a little bit expensive than so. If you are on a budget, I would also recommend Nasty Gal and a sauce surprisingly have good purses. This one is from Nasty Gal: it's like a cool, croc type of bag. This one is from a sauce. This isn't like a basic bag, but it is one of the coolest bags that I own and, of course, if you have a good eye, you can thrift bags as well. This one is something that I scripted recently, and I love the kind of like 90s early 2000s, aesthetic that it has all right. Those are all the basics that I have that's the end of this article. Thank you, guys, so much for watching. I hope it was helpful and I will see you guys next bye


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