Smart Ways of Dressing Your Kid For A Party

When you go to a party, you want yourself and your family members to look presentable. If you are always at a loss on how to dress up your kids for a party, Familane is going to take away all your worries. We have some amazing options for dressing your kid for a party. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they are completely customizable and will make your kids shine at any party. 

Summer Clothes for Kids

In the summer, there are a lot of options to dress your kids. For girls, you can choose between dresses, which look really classy, jumpsuits or rompers, which look absolutely adorable, or cute t-shirts and jeans, which are laid-back and sweet. For boys, shorts, polos, jeans, and cute t-shirts can work just as well.

For summer clothes, it is important that your kids are as comfortable as possible because it does get quite hot when kids are running around. Whatever your kids wear, just let them be easy; make sure you don’t go too casual. Cute t-shirts and customizable clothes work well because they make your kids look very posh and put-together without trying too hard. You can find cute t-shirts like these and many more for your kids on our website. 

Winter Clothes for Kids

In the winter, the most important thing is to make sure that your kids stay cozy; there are many options for staying warm and looking chic. For girls, dresses can still work if they wear leggings, a turtleneck, undershirt, cardigan, or sweater. Rompers and jumpsuits can also still work if matched with those items to keep your munchkins warm.

For boys, khaki pants, regular pants, shirts, and polos will be suitable for kids party clothing. Your kids can wear these indoors, but make sure you carry some heavy warm clothing for outdoors.


Patterns and prints look great on either gender. Familane has countless patterns and prints in its catalogue. For girls, floral patterns, rainbow colors, stars, hearts, or anything girly like that would look beyond adorable on your little tyke.

For boys, flannel, dots, and stripes would make your child look sophisticated. Another idea for your kids is to go with custom designs, such as animals for kids, their favorite cartoon character, a logo, or a custom message. It would make the party all the more memorable and awesome. 


Whichever way you decide to dress your kids, we suggest that they be colorful and cheery! Other than rainbow colors, girls look great in pinks, reds, purples, and similar soft colors. It really brings out a girly effect and makes your kids look more lovable and adorable.

For boys, blues, greens, reds, and greys would make your kid look very charming. Another great idea is to dress your kids in watercolor for kids - it incorporates the colorfulness, whimsicalness, and wow factor all in one.


Whatever you do to dress your kids, it is important that everything matches. Yellow shirts, green pants, and red shoes ruin the whole look and can make your child look messy. With the shoes, try to match the outfit or put something neutral like black and white. For girls, flats, sandals, little heels, and boots would help to match. For boys, sneakers, dress shoes, or even slip-on shoes would elevate the look even more.

Pro tip: Carry a spare clothing option just in case your child ruins his or her clothes while eating or playing at the party!

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