You wear them every day. But sometimes they feel like your enemies more than your friends. Yep, we’re talking about clothes, people. But the next time a zipper fails or a headband breaks, don’t sweat it! Because we’ve got some amazing clothing hacks that will save the day and blow you away. Right before you’re getting ready to leave the house, picking out those finishing touches for your outfit is crucial. Like this adorable jacket, for example! And like your jacket, your shoes can really tie the outfit together. But what happens when your favorite pair turns on you? Look at these things! Did my dog use them as a chew toy or something? How am I supposed to fix these? But believe it or not, all hope is not lost! Head over to your sock drawer and see if you have any tights.


Hmm, let’s see… Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Turns out, you can make a new pair of adorable heeled boots in mere seconds! Start by slipping on your heels as you normally would. Next, take your tights and slip them onto your feet and up your leg. Once the tights are over your knee, cut a small hole right where the heel of the shoe is so it can peak through. Once the holes are cut, the heels of your shoes will effortlessly slide right through. And just like that, you have a brand new pair of sleek, black boots.


Well, that was sure a delicious lunch! And don’t worry, Bella, this one’s on me. It’s pretty cold out today, so you’d better put on your coat and zip it up nice and tight. But what happens if the zipper on the one and only jacket you brought decides to take a sick day? Seriously? Ooh, that’s a bummer, isn’t it… How am I supposed to get this thing back on my jacket now? Don’t pout, Bella. Believe it or not, a fork can totally solve this kind of problem. Ready to learn how? Stick your removed zipper onto the two middle prongs of your fork and slide each side of the zipper into the piece and pull them downward. Hey! It totally worked! I thought I was gonna have to live in this thing forever! Oh man, getting to this awesome hotel room was totally worth that long flight. Well, there’s no better time to unpack my suitcase, I guess! Let’s see here… What?! You’ve got to be kidding.


All my lotion and shampoo spilled all over my brand new blouses! Is there any way I can salvage this adorable romper? I bought it special for this vacation! Now what am I supposed to wear all week? Wait a second, maybe I can use some of the things I’m already wearing to fashion some new looks… If you have a scarf like the one Vicki’s wearing go ahead and take it off from around your neck. Once the scarf is wrapped around you underneath your arms, gather it in front. Now take off your ring if you’re already wearing one and stick the fabric through it. Now with the excess fabric, split up the two pieces and wrap it around to your back, tying it there.


Oh, hello gorgeous! That thing looks like you bought it at an expensive boutique! You should start spilling shampoo on your clothes more often! Ever feel like you have so many clothes but none of them are what you’re looking for? Let’s try it on, shall we? Okay, so far, so good… Hey! Why can’t I get my hand through? Huh? How did this massive hole get here? Well, looks like I’m back at square one. Stupid shirt. What a shame. Another perfectly good shirt ruined because of a senseless hole. And a mighty big hole, at that. Okay, there’s no salvaging it. So there’s only one more thing left to do. Send this sucker straight to garbage town. Well, Mr. shirt, it was nice knowin’ ya. What on earth are you doing, Bella? Justin! No! I’m about to drop some clothing hack knowledge on ya, buddy.



To fix Justin’s shirt, lay it out flat and cut above the seam above where the hole is. Just follow our lead, here. Cut nice and slow so the cut is smooth. Once both sides are done, take them away. Now stitch this up with a sewing machine. Now with two small pieces of trim sew them just under the chest area of the shirt and flip them upward, creating loops. See? Don’t forget to do this to both sides of the shirt. Hey! Check it out! They’re belt loops! Now you have an adorable synched tank top! Woah! Was that my ripped shirt? See? Clothing is never ruined. Sometimes it just needs a creative mind to bring it back to life! Oh, here are your sleeves back. See ya! When it comes to the hottest night clubs, you’ve got to dress to the nines to get in. And Vicki clearly passed the test. Bella on the other hand doesn’t have as easy of a time getting in.


Woah, you’re dressed way too casually to get into this classy joint. Please let me in! All my friends are in there! Geez, this security guard is tough. Aw, Bella! Don’t cry! Maybe you can go home and change! Wait a second. The answer was sitting on my head this whole time! For this, you’ll need a strapless bandeau bra and a pair of jeans. Take your bandana, fold it in half and tie it around the small of our waist. Pull up the hanging corner and tuck it under your choker at your neck. To hold it in place, put a decorative pin or broach on top. Ooh! That’s a great choice. Wow! Bella looks like a totally different person now! Now go get in that club, girl! Woah! Is that a movie star or something? Miss! Please, go right on in! Now that’s more like it. Alright, it’s time to get our aerobics on! If you’ve ever worked out before, you know how important your attire can be. Yikes! Don’t trip on those pants, Vicki! Ugh, this is so annoying! I keep having to stop to fix these things.


Oh man, that fancy foot work is a disaster when paired with long pants! What were you thinking, Vicki? Okay, maybe this move will be a little safer with these long pants. Hey! You’re on my pants! Woah! I’m alright! I think… Phew, dealing with these things is a workout in itself! Wait a second, I think I know exactly how to fix this problem! BRB! Need some new, less dangerous workout pants? Instead of cutting them shorter, just change the bottom hem! Using regular thread, do a basic running stitch around the entire bottom of the pant leg opening, alternating the direction of the stitches. Once you’ve done the first side of the opening, pull the thread so that it puckers and tightens the whole thing. Once you’ve found the right size, go ahead and knot the string and cut it.


Aright! I’m ready for round two! Check out these bad boys! If you have long pants like Vicki did, doing this can seriously save you from a nasty fall. See? What a difference! Find these fashion hacks handy? Share the knowledge with your friends so you can all be looking sharp as can be. And as always, be sure to comment to our article so that you never miss out on the awesome articles we post every week! See you all next time!

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