Practical Tips When Buying Baby Clothes

Shopping for your baby is something every mum enjoys, and you’re no different. You will have the urge to shop more than the baby actually needs. Just like other mums, you will discover that it is a waste of money, You’ll end up having drawers full of baby clothes. Later, you’ll realize some baby clothes are too complicated and uncomfortable for your baby. Then, there’s the problem of resisting tempting sales and bargains. If you want to be sensible, here are some practical tips for buying baby clothes. The Right Size to Buy Mums complains that babies outgrow their clothes too fast. This is when you can use some practical baby clothing tips. If you don’t want to overspend on baby clothes know the right size to buy.

The worst thing is to buy something too small for your baby. Buy clothes a size bigger than your baby’s actual size. If they can’t wear it right away, they will be able to wear them soon enough. There are two things to remember about sizes of baby clothes: #1 even when growth varies from baby to baby, they all grow fast, particularly during the first year and still considerably during the ensuing toddler years; and #2 when buying clothes, remember that clothing brands have different size standards and that the size indicated in the label is just an estimate.

The Basic Fabric and Design You don’t want to ruffle your baby’s feather with an uncomfortable piece of clothing. Watch out for fabric or design that can make your baby irritated and unhappy. Organic and combed cotton is the most baby-friendly. If your baby does have an irritation to a particular fabric opt for the organic cotton then experiment with other fabrics when your baby is over a year old. Use of too much tulle, ruching and pleats can also irritate the little one’s skin or make it too hard to put on and off. Aspire for simplicity. Think of basics – stretchy necklines and snaps at the crotch area – that makes changing easy even without help. If You Can’t Resist Sales and Bargains! Sales and bargains are abundant throughout the year. You have to learn to resist shopping for practical reasons.


Practical Tips When Buying Baby Clothes

If you can’t, at least stock-up smartly. This means buying bigger sizes that the baby can use the following year, at least 6 months later or for the next season. Buy clothes that your baby will likely wear. Always, think of practical tips buying baby clothes. Definitely, don’t buy anything just because it is cute; think of use and practicality. Your baby will grow so fast, he or she will have other needs.

Save your money and prepare for those future needs. Keeping a few cute pieces is enough; these can go a long way. Keep his or her wardrobe simple, practical and comfortable. Some practical items that are used and worn regularly are Baby Singlets, Short Sleeve Body Suits and Baby Rompers. You can find a number of these items here at Stacey Jane’s Nappy Cakes when you are creating your gift hamper full of great practical baby items.

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