How To Find Quality Clothing Items That Last - A Familane Series

I wanted to talk about choosing quality over quantity when it comes to clothing items I was thinking of making an entire article about quality over quantity and then I was like that's too hard when there's too many different Things to talk about so I'll just focus on clothing in this one And then in the future perhaps I can step into other things like Makeup or even technology any of that sort of stuff? So, if you're someone who likes to have a new outfit for every weekend and like to always be seen in something different You're probably thinking why the hell would I invest in quality rather than quantity when quantity means that I can have so many different outfits? Let me tell you when you [start] shooting your mindset and investing into quality items Rather than just Purchasing every single thing that you like the side of it means that your clothes are actually going to start lasting a lot longer I find that after I made the switch instead of investing more money into the pieces that I was wearing I actually cared a lot more about the items of clothing and therefore I looked after them better in the long run if you're looking after something better and if it Is made better then it's just going to last you a whole lot longer if you break it down like if you took a price And divided by how many times you're wearing it usually it can end up becoming cheaper because you wear it more often I know this Point isn't really important to everyone, but it's something that is close to me Especially having a lot of friends who are designers and coming from that fashion photography background fast fashion is killing the fashion industry stores Like Topshop H&M Any of that kind of thing because they're pushing to have new styles in all the time They're ripping off other proper designers looks and selling that to you at a fraction of the cost to get that low price for you it means that there can be poor labor conditions involved in the making of the garment and that the quality might not be there and I also feel like choosing to Opt for Quality means that you can create a more edited approach to dressing and create your own personal style And that way you're not stressing over outfits and things like that which is something.

That's so trivial But people do it anyway when they do the whole oh my God, what am I going to wear to? This event you know so just wanted to go through my points of how to look for quality clothing items rather than shopping for quantity These are things that I like to do to make sure that I'm getting myself The best thing possible and now I also want you to keep in mind that price is not always Correlated to quality just because expensive doesn't mean it's good So that's why I have these steps in place to make sure that a garment that I purchase is up to my standards My first point is to be ruthless when you are shopping So if you put something on do you feel amazing in it, or do you just feel okay? Does it fit? You really really well or other things about it that you would need to alter or that aren't quite right and don't sit comfortably with You and is it the kind of garment that you can bring into what you already own? And you can wear it with multiple things that you already have in your wardrobe For me having an edited wardrobe means that I want a garment to be able to be worn in various situations I want to be able to dress it up.

I want to be able to dress it down I just need to know that it will work with everything else that I own, so Really hone in on what it is that you are looking for when you go shopping for a garment I would advise shopping for something in particular when you actually need something and not just going shopping for the sake of going shopping Start stepping away a little from fast-Fashion and start looking online at designers that you like or finding where their stores are located A lot of mid-range and higher end designers release collections two or four times a year rather than bringing out 10 new items every week And this is also a good point for you to start looking at more ethically manufactured clothing brands There are a lot of them around I find with my body type a lot of them Don't suit a lot of the ethical sustainable stuff that I've been finding at the moment is still on that very Model lanky body type where you need to be tall and slim and very straight up and down and a lot of those stuff looks Really bad on me because that's not my body at all so if More of them could make stuff for girls with hips and butts that would be fantastic if you do start looking towards more Designers and unique pieces you're going to be finding pieces that are actually made to last Not just like throwaway items that you meant to wear for a couple of months and then they start falling apart This might not suit everyone's dressing style, but it is an important tip for me And that is to simplify so it looks for things that don't have Embellishments, and aren't covered in stuff that can break off again You don't have to fill it the way that I do it by the way that I do it is let's observe it are pieces That can be used in many outfits so that I stick to a neutral color palette And then I also make sure like I said there's no embellishments. 


There's nothing too crazy going on That's why I also steer clear of any weird patterns that can't be mixed in to the rest of my wardrobe But that's just how I dress like if you love free bright colors and patterns you do you Now when you are shopping for a garment you also should be paying attention to the fabric that's being used to make it read the tags and what the government is actually made from and Start to understand the feeling of a good fabric a lot of synthetic fabrics for example Acrylic Spandex Rayon can start to degrade quite quickly once you start washing them regularly and Sometimes they can also be mixed into cotton based blends And it can degrade the blend so it just depends on what percentage it [is] and the actual feel of the fabric itself so lines Actually feel the feeling of a good fabric if you go into a proper designer store and see the clothes you'll notice the difference in The fabrics themselves a little test that you can do is just to scrunch a bit of this fabric in your hand and if it Just drop straight back out if usually it quite a good quality fabric, and if it holds a lot of the creases in it It's usually some kind of blend Now for the scenes check these seams on the outside of the garment you don't have to go like full-on But just give it a once-over and also check the seams on the inside The seams on the inside usually we'll have more mistakes on them Poorly made clothes you'll often see sloppy seams So the seam is not straight or the same has been done over multiple times another thing to look for as well Is if the fabric has a pattern or you can see the grain of the fabric you want to make sure that the grain lines? Up in the scenes you'll find on really well-made items this seams Line up with the Nap or the Grain of the fabric really well and on poorly made items they tend to skip that sort of detail a lot because It does take that more effort it takes longer and people have to sit there and make [sure] it's all lining up Now look out for your buttons and attachments anything that is attached to the garment needs to be secured Correctly this is should also be high-quality so I would recommend of course trying on the garment and then testing all the buttons and the zippers you don't want to show [you] [zip] because you don't want to have to end up replacing the Zip which can be a really frustrating to do Quality items will have far more attention to detail even when it comes to the inside of the garment So they're just some of the little tips that I like to go by I feel like most of it is common sense anyway But the main point is to pay attention to the detail of the pieces that you're getting you don't always have to go Super high and either there are a lot of mid-range designers Who are normally you'll find them being like locals or up-and-coming, and they're still putting so much effort into their garments And they're making things or they've got a small team of people making things I'll try and put a list like running down here somewhere, so you can check out some of my favorite ones

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