How To Choose Colors For Kid's Clothes?

With the increase in new styles, parents demand unique colors for their kids’ clothes; the clothing market is introducing a range of colors. Parents often wonder which color would look best on their kids. Colors also impact the psychological health and mood of the wearer, so the selection of colors for kids' clothing is critical.

Things to consider while buying clothes of various colors:

  • Buy separate clothes for wearing in everyday life and special ones for wearing on events.
  • Cool colors look best for casual or routine wear. Warm colors are suitable for special occasions.
  • While pink looks best on little girls, black and blue are suitable for boys – however, this is not a hard and fast rule.
  • Neutral colors are best for any day. Such colors may include white, grey and brown.
  • When buying clothes, try to include a variety of colors that are not already there in your child’s wardrobe.

Popular colors for a child’s wardrobe:

Here are some trending colors that you should definitely include in your child’s wardrobe:

Red color:

While shopping for kids attire, red is the most preferable one. It is a really lively color and will make your child look energetic. Red is best for wearing on outdoor events and day time. This color looks best in natural light. Especially if you are headed out somewhere where you will take pictures of your kid, dress them up in red.

Green color:

Green is a cool color, and there are various shades available so you can pick the one you like. For casual wear, green t-shirts should be your priority, both for girls and boys. The green dress gives a positive and healthy look; it pleasantly impacts the mood.

White color:

Always have some white t-shirts in your child’s wardrobe because they can be paired up with any trousers or shorts. They are ideal for all ages and events.

Watercolor shirts:

Most of the dresses in your child’s wardrobe will have mono-tone, so why not buy a few items that bring a splash of color? These lively designs will make your kid look chic.

It is vital to carefully choose the colors for your kid’s clothes as colors have an impact on the mental, emotional and intellectual health of your child. Often you like a design but not the color – Familane offers you to customize your kids’ clothes by changing color of any dress in our collection.

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