How I design a T Shirt - Clothing Art Tutorial

I'm going to talk about something Design My T-Shirts Designing T-Shirts is a huge task for me. It's like the biggest part of my business. The best way to make my art affordable and accessible. I will support you in any way you can. So, let's talk a little about the T-shirt design I'm in my shop in Statix. I had a lot of T-shirts behind me. But first, This video is sponsored by my favorite know how. I think most people who click on this video can learn Want to learn how to make T-shirts? Well, I've got another place where you can do a little bit. Skillshare is an amazing online learning community. They are arts and crafts. Design: Business Thousands of lessons have been learned about technology and technology. Their highest membership allows you to use unlimited lessons from experts in their field. So you can improve your ability, Unlock new opportunities and do the work you love.


I Although I have lots of experience in Adobe Photoshop, I always feel that I am weak in Adobe Illustrator. So I copied Skillshare Some of their courses were reviewed at Adobe Illustrator. And I learned a lot from these wonderful lessons. Skillshare is much cheaper than other online learning centers. The annual subscription fee is lower So here's the deal, here's the deal A link is placed in the description Click on 500 people to register on Skillshare, Free two months with each sign-up Channel support So visit the link in the description This is special for you guys. First 500 people to get 2 months free Skillshare month. So yeah, let's design some T-shirts! And in this video, the t-shirts that I designed, They will be when this video is published You can have it on my website for orders. I ship for free anywhere on US International Shipping. So today, if you like the way I design, you can get one yourself. But let's go to this T-shirt design anyway. Well then let's design a T-shirt.


All starts with a pencil sketch, I had a plan of going from zero to zero. Sometimes, when you sit down and see what happens with the drawing, the best things come out. And yes, yes, I did on this one. I'm using a little Bristol paper graphite pencil, 19 inches by 24 inches In fact, I usually write on 14 inch paper and 17 inch paper. But like all my stores, So I decided to make a really big painting and look like a bigger picture.


I had to write a full script. I like to draw a single sheet for a long time The same two pieces of paper I need to like, always. But yes, It's like this, A female bartender; I think she is very cool. Yes, of course. So the next step is to start drawing. I used Faber-Castell-India ink, I'm using a super fine tip. With a 1.5 mm bullet Start with a super fine ti and make a whole line drawing of the thin line. It's the whole thing. And I'll do it again I want to get out and broaden the brush on areas where there are more weight and some deeper. Drawing is just a feeling of being less than perfect; Because you always exist now. No, delete this, so be careful, and Sometimes I take a sketch and then take a sketch and digital sketch; You know the command-z, You can always delete it.


But I feel like a really handmade piece of paper, It ends up being a little bit better. And at the end of the project I like this original print that I can sell as a piece of original art. People like 'em'; So this is a really good thing about real ink in real life. In the real world Already, Analog start. Well, then I have drawn it. Now I need to do it Take a photo and add it to Photoshop. This document I dug is too big to scan it. I have no scan. Take a picture with my Sony A6500 Edit it, We're going to turn it into black and white line art. So we can start with the colors. Yeah, Well then we just took pictures. Next, open Lightroom, Adobe Lightroom and edit these images a bit. Click 'Shift' 'I' to go to our import photos. These are the people we want. Click import Here's the development tab. I don't know, One is quite straightforward. Let's look at some of these. Yes, Let's go with this one First go to the white balance and click on the white space This will balance the white balance.


My touch here will be a bit intimidating. I grabbed my crop tool here and just cut a little closer. Let's lock this lock to get the fruit we want. I'd like to place a few places around it If I put it into Photoshop, I can edit it. Go ahead and press 'Enter' to cut the item. And we're going White slider. Give the white people a little boost. Promote Blacks. Who's raise, black down? Bump up against that, lose a few shades of darkness. It's amazing. That looks pretty good. We are going to edit it in Photoshop. Now go to File and select 'Export'.


This one is called Archer. And I want to export PSD as Photoshop document Because I'm going with Photoshop. Send only 600 dpi. There is a lot I need to do there. I proceed and click 'Export' At this point I can cut Lightroom OK. So when we open Photoshop, we find the file. Well, The first thing I want to do is I want to make sure that So here I am going to create a new layer, My tool has been grabbed, Now it's a rectangle.


I want a rectangle. I change the color of the shape, Anyway, maybe pink, And I'll make a rectangle about the size of my paper. Now go to 'Opacity' in the Triangle, and want to change about 40%. This is a guide for us We can make our drawing straight. Let's unlock this layer. Click here, Then press Command 'T' to go into Transform mode. Then right-click and select 'Skew'. We will Because this is really difficult because it fits in with the rectangle next to our paper. Art photography as a straightforward. So we're doing a small adjustment. You want to choose the most straightforward picture possible; But make a few of these adjustments. You are trying to get as close to the rectangle as you can. I usually want to go beyond my own boundaries. Cool, and then press 'Enter' to execute. It's scary. This triangle can be lost. And now I'm just going to cut out this gray wall. Awesome! Now we want to do it Larger drawing.


How I design a T Shirt - Clothing Art Tutorial



So, when we click on Option 'Command' I, a popup menu will appear. And now we're at our resolution 600 and want to make sure that 'Resample' is not removed. And reduce it to 300. Because we split the resolution in half, this makes our image bigger. So now 11 inches is only 15 inches. For printing, your decision must not be less than 300 dpi. The maximum print size of the T-Shirt is 15 to 20 inches. So I'm going to extend this. I go back to 'Resample', and then Photoshop has a nice algorithm, so I'm going to go to 'Preserve Details 2.0' What do you like? And do not increase the size of the image, I'll go ahead and go up to 20. So we've now got 14,651 to 20 inches. I want a look like a shape. So click 'Ok' right here. All right, Now we want this pure black and white. So I go to 'Image' and select 'Adjustments' Then select 'Levels'. So the end is like a white slider. So the end is like a black slider, so we're going to get down here Until we lose It's basically like pure white.


We're going up here to send the blacks back. So now we have a little shadow. And this area is too much So I'm going to go to the bottom half of the image with the 'Selector' tool. In fact, like the bottom three \ t Press Command 'X' and then 'Command' V '. We have pasted it into a new layer. So we can queue the project. Now go back to 'Image' and select 'Levels' and change this to white. Click OK. Let's make sure that this is as simple as possible. Yes, So we get a little bit jaggedness, just adjust this layer a little bit. He went back to where he needed to be, so now we are here Press 'Shift' on our keyboard and then tap another layer So now they are the same, Let's go together and get together.


Now what we want to do is get rid of the white background. I made this other video on YouTube I can link it here. But we're going to type Command, A, Command, X to cut it. Then, press 'Q' on our keyboard. 'Command', 'V. '' Now let's type Q again in Shift. Command, I want to hit me To invert our selection, then press 'Shift' F5 to complete the selection. We will choose black Ok, so now we just have our black lines on the open background. We can drop in the white background. They say they don't like you. The white background works too long, which is bad for your eyes But I will do a white background because I want it. So now we are ready to start coloring. Click 'W' on our keyboard to get the Magic Wand tool. Check 'Contiguous'. Click outside of our character. This should select everything outside of the character. But there is a black line because it stops selection in some places, like these spots.


So hold down Shift and click these and add it to our selection. Yes. Now that it is outside of the character we have selected go ahead and press 'Shift' 'I'. We will reverse our choices, but that choice is outside the black line We want them to be in the middle of the black line. So we have to go 'Select' Select 'Modify' and 'Contract'. I already have 3 pixels. This should work, we will create a new layer here for our colors. Press 'G' on the keyboard to pull out our drawing tool. Fill the inside of the letter with a solid color. Then select 'Command' D '. Well So now is the time to start coloring. I'm just a little bit accelerated here. So it's not like a 4 hour video. I created a full-depth tutorial on how to draw and draw in Photoshop. I'll link to the video here To know how to draw in Photoshop, I will show you when designing the T-Shirt. Sometimes it helps to work in Pantone colors. Because they are the screen print ink colors used by T-Shirt companies. So if you go to a color picker here, And then clicking on this little button called Color Libraries shows all the different things Pantone Colors Normally when I design a T-shirt, This is the color coordinator I work with.


Can I sponsor my T-Shirt company? With the Pantone numbers, their print colors are exactly with me. So here I am trying to limit my palette to six colors. Each color you add comes to an end when you create T-shirts that you print You have to pay more So you need to be limited. My Favorite Things You'll know if I've seen any of my other videos. I like all colors. I like the colors. I'm like a super colored artist. So I made T-Shirt designs Because I try to push them, because I am limited in what I can really do I tried really hard to combine the six colors and the cool colors. But yes, The other one has six colors, And there's a black art. But there is a black art, I will print them as black T-shirts or black gray T-shirts. So line art will only be a showcase. So it will save me in one color, Well I think I'm feeling It's pretty creepy popping up. The following alchemy symbols are given: I got some parts of the month that I did. This character is Carbon Black. She is my sister, Yuma Black is another character I did.


And yes, it would be quite a vivid shirt. * Chuckles * And let's have a laugh on our t-shirt and see how it looks. Cool, so I'm open. Here's another design I've done before. And we'll drag this, We make it where we want it and go back to our mock-up and have our design. And go where we want to be, and leave it here. Yes, \ t Yes, of course. It's pretty cool. These are pretty rad. And really, so now we can see what looks like on its T-shirt.


This is sick, What do you guys think? So it's cool. So there's a long coat. Hmmm! Good. Well, Just order. By the way, I ordered T-Shirt, a company called Jakprints. They should be here soon. In fact, these T-shirts can be pre-ordered on my website. So you are asking yourself to wear one of these T-shirts or long sleeves. I provide free shipping anywhere in the United States Thanks for watching. If you like this video, leave a comment if you have any questions. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel If you would like to know exactly when the next video comes out, Don't forget to check that the Skillshare link is included in the description. The first 500 people who click the link to get two months free Skillshare. It's scary. You can learn some things And, yeah! That's fun! Thank you Check out my Patreon We're doing a behind-the-scenes cool thing here. I have tips and tricks.

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