How fake handbags fund terrorism and organized crime

I set out from central London through the tunnel, And I ended up somewhere in the east of the city, Walk towards a store To meet a young man who owns two thousand luxury polo shirts for sale. As I make my way across the boardwalk Flashing light dim like vulgar scenes In gangster films, Our man came early and was waiting for me In front of a locked unit with four locks on the side.

At the beginning of our speech, It seemed like a battle of words Where he threw the first punches. Who am I Do I have a business card? Where would I sell, Then he started to feel open And it's my turn. Where do polo shirts come from What papers does he own And when will the next shipment arrive? I was walking on a thin line Between asking enough questions to get what I want And between not suspecting me, Because what he didn't know is that I'm a fraud, investigator, (, Laughter, ) After twenty minutes or so check out the product To check the signs of Imitation in fake production, For example, bad sewing or how to pack And with the logo of the mega product on its head. I was finally on my way out, But not before he insisted on escorting me to the street. When I returned to the station

The feeling, after these meetings is always the same, My heart beats like drums Because you wouldn't know if they really believed your story, Or will they start following you so that they know your reality? Satisfaction comes only when you take the first turn And take a glance behind you to see them not standing there, But what the polo shirt dealer does not realize Is that everything I have seen and heard will raid his home at dawn. He was awakened by eight men on his doorstep And confiscation of all his products, But this will reveal that it was just a tool At the end of a fraud network that spans three continents, And it was just a long thread that I started pulling Hoping that All of this will be revealed

Why go into all these problems? Well, maybe counterfeiting is a crime without victims, These big companies earn enough money. So if there is something, Forgery is only a free form of investment right And consumers believe that Buying and selling counterfeits is not a problem, But I am here to say that this is not true What tourists don't see on vacation with these fake bags. They may have been knitted By a child who had been removed from her family And which the owner of the auto repair shop does not realize From these fake brake pedals Is that they may finance organized crime, gangs, Participation in drugs and prostitution

And while thinking about these two things is pretty awful, The situation is getting worse, Because even counterfeiting finances terrorism Realize it for a while. The terrorists sell counterfeits to finance the attacks, The attack on our cities and made us all victims. You will not buy a live scorpion Because it might bite you on the way home, But will you insist on buying a fake bag If you know that the profits will enable someone to buy the shots? Who will kill you and other innocent people in six months? Maybe not Well, it is time to speak frankly.


In my youth, Yes, I look as if I never did that I bought fake watches while on vacation in Canary Islands, But why did I tell you that? Well, we all did it Or we know someone who did it And up to this point, you may not have even thought about it twice. Neither do I. I even answered 20 words for a mysterious ad To become an intellectual property, investigator ``, Complete training and international travel ,''. He said Within a week I was creating the first name from my nickname list. During ten years, she investigated cases of forged auto parts, Metal, wheels, fake animal shavers, Fake parts for bicycles And, of course, the favorites of counterfeiters Fake luxury leather goods such as clothes and shoes, And what I learned in 10 years of investigating forgery. It is beyond the apparent You find that they are rotting to the core And also the people and organizations that earn money behind it, Because they go crazy enormously. You can earn about a hundred to 200 percent From selling drugs on the street. You can earn 2000 percent from selling counterfeits online, The same amount of risk or punishment, And this quick easy money. He goes to fund the most serious crimes And it opens the way to make these organizations These criminal organizations to look more legitimate.

So let me show you a current issue Previously, this year, a series From the raids I took a place in one of my longest investigations. Five warehouses were raided in Turkey. More than two million items of clothing were confiscated. 16 trucks needed to be confiscated, But this gang was smart To the point that they created their own brands, Complete with its logos. They even held photo sessions on yachts in Italy. They use unknown brand names that are beyond doubt As a way to ship containers. Full of forged To supply companies they agreed with across Europe And documents found during the raids Show that they forged the shipping papers, So the customs had no knowledge Who sent the products from the beginning.

When the police reached a bank account, They found about three million euros. It was washed outside Spain in less than two years And two days after this raid That gang tried to bribe lawyers to recover their products. And yet we don't know where all that money went And to who went, But you can bet that he won't go to the benefit of our likes. But these are not just wasted bandits. They are business management professionals and install first class seats. They deceive the law firms, Persuading them of false invoices and documents To make it look real. Then they create accounts on eBay and Amazon To compete with the people who just sold their counterfeits to them, But this does not just happen on the net. For a few years I used to attend trade shows, Take place in huge exhibitions, But far from Ferrari Bentley and the cool things There will be companies that sell counterfeits Companies with posts on the platform And another post below shows. If you asked them the right questions.

They will sell me fake and defective car parts, Which is estimated to have caused more than 35,000 deaths In our streets every year. Counterfeiting is on the path to becoming a secret $ 2.3 billion market And the damage that might be caused by that money. It is really scary ..., Because counterfeiting finances terrorism, Imitation sneakers on the streets of Paris, Fake cigarettes in west africa, Music, piracy in the United States, All of which go to fund terrorist training camps, Purchase of weapons, ammunition and explosive components. In June 2014, the French security established By stopping the monitoring of Saeed and Sharif Kawashis communications, The two brothers who have been on the terrorism watch list for three years, But that summer they found out that Sharif was buying Fake sports shoes from china. So it was a sign of his distance from extremism To what is called a low-level crime.

And the danger is gone After seven months, The two brothers entered the office of Charlie Hebdo magazine. They killed 12 people and wounded 11 others With weapons from the proceeds of those fake shoes. So whatever you think this is not only a problem happening far in China. It happens here And not only Paris. 10 years ago, in 2004 191 people died When a passenger train was bombed in Madrid. The attack was partly funded by the sale of pirated discs in the United States Two years before that an Al Qaeda training guide. I honestly recommend selling fake products As a good way to support terrorist cells.

Despite all this and all the evidence linking fraud and terrorism, We are still buying it and thereby increasing the demand for it So much so that there is a store in Turkey. It'S called ``. I Love Real Imitators'', You find tourists taking photos on TripAdvisor And they set up the store with five stars, But have these tourists ever gone to a store? It'S called ``. I Like Imitation Viagra, Pills'' Or ``. I really like financing terrorism''. I doubt it Many believe that we are completely impotent Against organized crime and terrorism, That we cannot do anything about the next attack, But I think you can

You can also become investigators. The way we disrupt these networks is to cut off funding for them. This means cutting the request And changing the idea that it is a crime without victims, Let's all reveal the counterfeiters. We do not give them our money. So this is a bunch of advice from one detective to another As a start for you number one. This is a site for counterfeit products, Notice the website link. If you shop for sunglasses or camera lenses, for example, I came across a website. Titled Start doubting this site: ( Laughter, ) Counterfeiters register with expired domain names As a way to keep Google's old page ranking number two: Does the site scream in your face that everything is 100 % original, But it still offers a 75 % discount on the Latest products Look for words like `` original ,'', The `` best'' `` straight from the factory''

They can write that in Comic Sans. It'S so funny, ( Laughter, ) Number three. If you reach the purchase page, You don't see the `` https'' link or the lock icon. You should actually consider closing the page, Because those indicate active security measures. This will keep your personal and banking information safe. Well, finally, Go to the `` Contact us'' page. If you only find a generic web form Without company name phone number, email mailbox. That'S it case closed. You found a fake. Unfortunately, you'll have to go back to Google And start the shopping journey again, But you did not fall into the trap. This is not good. As the most famous fictional global investigator said, `` Watson, the game will start .'' Only this time. My investigative friends, The game is painfully real, So the next time you shop, online Or anywhere Look closely ask deeply and ask yourself Before you give money or click `` buy'' `` Am I sure this is original ?'' Tell your friend who used to buy replica watches. He had just brought the next attack a day, closer

And if you see an ad for imitators on Instagram, Don't go unnoticed Report this ad as fraud. Let us highlight the dark forces of fraud Hidden from view, So please spread the word And do not stop the investigation. Thank you. ( clap, ),

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