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Translator Doaa Akram Auditor, Faisal Jeber. I have a sleeping problem. I dont sleep much. I came up with something about lack of sleep. It is a major virtue years after Fight it as great harm or something, And now I like to stay awake. But for years I was kept awake And I think my creativity is greatly stimulated by this kind of insomnia. I lie awake think I walk aimlessly. Sometimes I used to walk more at night. I walk during the day and follow the people who I think seem interesting. ( Laughter, ) And sometimes in fact, once I was on page six of the Post newspaper, I was catching the guy or something like that anyway, But I was actually just following him because he was wearing great shoes. So I was following this guy And I took a picture of his shoes. We thanked each other and each of us went his own way.

But I do this all the time. In fact, I think a lot of my design ideas Come from visual faults and hoaxes Because I feel like there are so many shots And a lot of clothes. What interests me only Are the ones with slight errors, of course Or surprises, And sometimes when I'm on a taxi, I see a hole in a shirt or something It looks interesting, beautiful or practical. In a way I had never seen before, Then I ask the driver to stop and get off for a walk To see that what I saw was not a hole but a visual trick. It was a shadow you know Or if its a hole, then Im thinking brother. Someone had thought of this idea before me.

Someone made this mistake, so I can't do it now. I don't know where the inspiration comes from. For me, it does not come from research As doing research does not necessarily inspire me. In fact, one of the funniest things That I made in my life. She was in the Christmas season at the Guggenheim ( Museum ) in New York. I have read Peter ( Shepherd ) and the Wolf with that awesome band of Juilliard. I liked the story and I told it And I saw that brilliant critic I, like

That woman, John Akocella, who is my girlfriend She came to the scenes and said You know, Isaac did you know that and it was talk of Stalinism And about the thirties in Russia. I told her. How do I know about Stalinism? I know about the wolf and sparrow, you know The bird ate and in the end you hear The bird's voice is tweeting or something you know For this. I do not really know me Really --. Actually, I'm researching my own way If I am used to design 18th-century opera costumes or something like that. I'M doing extensive research, because it's very interesting Not because I have to do this. I find my inspiration from the movies Color in films and how lighting appears colors Lighting behind the projection Or the light coming from the projection makes the colors seem impossible.


On the whole, please run this short demo I'll show you. I stay up late and watch movies And I look a lot at the women in the movies And think about their roles. You have to see what your daughters see. I look at the way they show women all the time Whether they are glorified in this way Or if they were glorified mockingly Or if they are insulted or sarcastically humiliated. I always return to color all the time. The color motivates me a lot. Rarely is the color that I find in nature, Except when it is overlapped with an artificial color. The natural color is very beautiful. This is what I do. I study color a lot, But in general I think, how can I do something? How beautiful is Natalie Wood? How do I do something with the beauty of Greta Garbo? I mean this is impossible. You know This keeps me awake at night. I think I want to show you I'm also very interested. I often go to astronomers and horoscope readers. This is another thing that motivates me a lot.

People say: oh, do it And astronomers tell me to do something And that's why I'm doing it ( Laughter )? When I was 21 a perusal reader told me, I will meet the dream boy. His name will be Erik. Ok, That's why you know for years when I used to go to bars And whenever I met someone named Erik, I was flirting with it right away or something like that. ( Laughter, ) There were times when I was desperate When I walked into my calling room. I was Eric. Anyone who was showing me was going straight to him ( Laughter ). A long time ago there was an interesting reading of Tarot cards, And the last card I checked out was the one that expressed my destiny. That man was rowing, a straw with a reed, And there was a singer etc. okay. I want to show you this clip where I'm doing this crazy thing, Where I offer cabaret In fact, look at this Very embarrassing, ( Video ), Thank you. We can do whatever you want. The show's name is based on this story That I will tell about my mother.

It is excerpted from a quote from her. I was dating this guy okay, And this was about staying happy. I swear. I'Ve been dating this guy for a year, okay, And it was serious. That is why we decided to invite our parents to dinner And we presented each of them to the other. My mom was very sensitive to his mother. She seemed suspicious of the whole idea of an alternative lifestyle. You know homosexuality, okay. That is why my mother felt some humiliation. She turned to her and said: `` Are you kidding? They have the most wonderful life together: .'' They eat outside and watch shows. `` Eat. Food and watch shows (, Laughter ). This is the name of the show they eat out. They are. This will be on my grave when I die He ate out and watched the shows ``. Okay, When I edit these clips, I didn't dare Upon editing my snapshot. I sing in a disco atmosphere.

This is why you will have to watch and return to me or something Because it is insulting, and yet it looks. I do not know how to express it. A little sense of comfort is good. You know, And at least in my case, Because I do one thing all the time I do not know. I feel very bored Feel bored quickly And you know I don't pretend to do everything well, But I say I do a lot of things. That'S all

And I try not to look back, you know. However, I believe this is the reason to wake up every night To think about what went on how stupid you are. You know, But it is OK Right As you do many things It will make. You feel unsuccessful in everything, Not in one order. Then you will not be able to feel the failure of one thing. Yes, exactly I'm going to show you next On the occasion of talking about opera fashion, I work with different choreographers. I work with Tuila Tharp a lot And I work with Mark Morris a lot. He is one of my best friends. Three opera shows are designed with him, The last of which was `` King, Arthur .''. As long as you are a chanter to the world of dance, Since I was a teenager, I studied at the Performing Arts High School, Where you are an actor. Many of my friends were ballet dancers. Again, I do not know where the inspiration comes from. I don't know where it comes from. I started making brides when I was young

Maybe the inspiration started from this dolls. Ok. Then go to the Performing Arts High School. I was in high school. I meet dancers and actors. Somehow from there my interest in design began, I went to Parsons School of Design. Then I started my career as a designer. I dont think of myself as a designer, And I don't necessarily think of myself as a fashion designer Truthfully. I do not know what to call myself. I think to myself that I ... do not know what to think about me. It is just that ( Laughter ), But I have to say my feeling is a little bored all the time. It is exactly what I think is essential for every stylist. You should always feel a little bored about everything.

If not, you should pretend to be bored all the time about everything, ( Laughter ), But I really feel a bit bored about everything. I always say to my partner, Marisa Gardini, who book everything It reserves everything and makes everything happen. She does all the deals. I tell her that I always find myself. I spend a lot of time using the bridge's computer program, Lots of time on the computer bridge, which is you know that it is Really ....

Looks like, like ten years ago, I used to think that the most boring place in the world Is the television studio For a morning show Like a talk show. It brings together all those things that I love All things in one place And if you get bored, you can look for something else And do another thing and talk about it. Okay. That is why I had a TV show. This was a very, very, very large part of my ( creative ) process. Actually, would you please run the show please? This is one of my favorite clips of Rosie ( Video ) Isaac. Mizrahi, You are back in the studio, Hello, Rosie, O'Donnell, Hello, Ben

Issac See how cute this looks a little bit back Man, Her mom, says: ``, Delicious !'', Issac, Ah wow delicious OK.. Where should I put myself? I want to get out of the way. I don't want to be okay. Here we are, Do you feel upset Ashley Ashley? When did you do what Hair cut Ashley Haircut never ever? I never think I cut hair and I was upset about it. You look cute by the way. Do you like it OK.? Do you have a problem that you look cute? You want to look cute Rosie. Of course I want to look cute Issac Just make sure, because some people want to look. You know Hugely mischievous Rosie. No, not me! No Issac! You read about all of those people who have a lot of money. They have children and their children end up in a way Quite bad. You know what I mean. There must be a way to do this Rosie, Because if you are very rich and very famous, Doesn't that mean that you should not give birth? Because you know they will end up badly Rosie? No, but that means the priorities have to be Their interest. First, I think

But you must make the decision yourself. My children are seven, who knows They will be fourteen and in the Reform House They will display these footage ``. I am an example of a good mother .'', My God. This is my shortest hair. Yet Issac It looks good. Doesn'T it Ashley? I was going to ask you your hair Rosie? No, It's okay! Do whatever you want Issac. I feel it should be shorter. Here.


Ashley, Oh no, we're just including it Rosie. We just include it Issac. Are you crazy? You look so cute Rosie. No! I love him. It'S the new me Issac. Ah, it looks great Rosie, A lock of Rosie. Incidentally, One of the most boring things I've ever done. Okay, I mean he originally made a cute guy, look so horrible. It is not boring. It is nothing if not boring. In fact, I read this saying a while ago and it works like this. `` Fashion makes you feel awesome, because it removes your thinking from the fact that you will die .''. True Then I realized that this is on my site. Then it was said that quote is attributed to me And I thought, oh, I said something in an interview:

And I forgot that I said that, But it really is. I want to show you the last clip and it will be my last farewell. I will tell you that I cook a lot. I like cooking. I often see things as food, For example. I say: is it reasonable to serve rotten chicken, So how does it make sense to show up with a worn out old dress or something? How can an old gown appear? I always attach things to the kitchen

This is what I think is the conclusion. Everything concludes with this. So look at this. That'S what I've been busy with, because I think it's the most interesting thing in the world. It is this site. There are so many different things. It is a site rich with different interests. In fact, we shoot footage like the ones on TV. It is one of the most enjoyable things in the world. For me, It all started in February. So who knows Again? I don't say it's good, but I say it's boring right. Here is one last thing: Video I have to tell you. I make crepe or waffle from the milk all the time

Chef Really Issac, Yes, but I never find formula milk Chef. Oh Issac, You can't find milk from Citarella. You can't find it Chef. Can'T you Isaac. It is always low-fat formula Schiff! No, but that's the idea from him Issac. So it should be Chef. Well, don't you know, Let me tell you something: Let me tell you something: fun Issac. What is it Stop laughing? It is not funny Just because I don't know it's full. There is no whole milk, sorry .. what Shiff? Well that's the way. Let me tell you what was happening In the past when they were making butter. Do you know how they made butter Issac Wading Chef For the cream Isaac? Yes, exactly Schiff, So you take thick whole milk, which is cream And lead to separate and turn into curd and water. The liquid is a transparent liquid. If you try to whip cream too much. This is milk formula. This was what was in the old. This is what people used to use for bread and other things. Today, the milk powder you buy is actually low-fat or skimmed milk.

Issac Excuse me: I didn't know that okay Schiff The reason why he thought that buttermilk was thick and delicious Issac. Yes, exactly So, who knew it was low-fat? Well exactly! Thank you very much. 

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