Fashion Basics: How to Know What to Shop For and Shop Smart?
In today's article, we are gon na, be talking all about how to know what to buy when you're out shopping, and I get these questions pretty often actually like. How do you know what to shop? For how do you know like what to go for and what to avoid when you're shopping and all of that good stuff? So I thought I would try to sum it all up into a article as best as I possibly can I mean I know everybody has very different styles, so I'm gonna try to keep this as general as possible so that hopefully everybody can pull something from It I feel like over the last year, especially I've really started nailing down my own personal style, and this is definitely a journey. It'S something that's ever-changing! For everybody! It'S not like a destination, let once you have it you're like. Ah this is this. Is it as we grow and changes people our style grows and changes with us, so it is something that is ever-evolving and I actually did a full article on how to find your personal style a while back. So I will link that down below in case you guys missed it or wanted to refresh on that one as well, but yeah, let's get into the article. I wanted to start off with this point because I do think it's really really important to mention in order to know what to go for when you're shopping. You really do have to know yourself and what you like personally, and I think, especially once again like with the digital age. It is so easy to be influenced by what everybody else is doing by what everybody else is wearing, but at the end of the day, you need to know yourself and what you like and stick to that like try to block out everybody else as much as You possibly can I'm just gon na give like a quick little example for my personal style, you know how those big chunky sneakers are a huge trend right now and like everybody is rocking them. I am personally not a fan of that trend and that's not something. I'M gon na go out and get just because everybody else is wearing it, but that's because I know my personal style right now. I know what I like and what I don't like and that's something I'm not so into so. I'M not gon na go out and get it just because everybody else is rocking it. So knowing what to shop for is really different for everyone and at the end of the day, it just focus on yourself. So if you're not really sure what you like and what you're comfortable in then I highly suggest making out a little list. I have mentioned this before as well, but it is so good to do honestly. It makes things so much easier and it really helps you narrow down what you do like by listing out what you don't like. So grab a pen and a piece of paper and write out all of the things you are not comfortable in like whatsoever. You wouldn't be caught dead wearing because it just doesn't make you feel good. So, for example, on my list I wrote down high heels. You will never see me in a pair of stiletto heels, I'm not comfortable in them. Why the heck? Would I wear them? If I know I'm not gon na be confident when I'm walking around in them, so once you have your full list of all of the things you're, not so comfortable in then you're gon na write, and instead of so instead of high heels. What what I wear instead of those, so I would go for a really cute, maybe chic pair of flats or maybe some lower block heels, or something like that. So now I know when I go shopping. Okay, I'm not gon na buy high heels because it doesn't make me comfortable to wear, even though you know everybody says you need a good pair of black heels in your closet. Well, if I'm not comfortable in them, then why would I need those in my closet because I'm not gon na want to wear them so instead, maybe I'm gon na buy myself a cute pair of black flats or a cute pair of black block heels and that's: What'S gon na go into my closet, I know I'm gon na want to wear them with my outfits. They'Re gon na get mixed and matched with a bunch of different things, and then I'm happy with that piece in my wardrobe. So why invest in something that I'm not gon na want to wear when I could have something that I am gon na want to wear so by listing out all those things that you're not comfortable in you can really narrow down the things that you actually like And that'll give you such a better idea of what to go for when you are shopping all right, so I'm gon na list out a couple of things that I personally think that are great to go for when you are shopping so number one is neutrals. Obviously, I'm like the neutral queen, I feel like everything in my wardrobe is a neutral, but neutrals are great because they obviously go with everything you can mix them match them with literally everything in your closet and they can be worn year-round. You cannot go wrong with great neutrals. I actually did a full blog post on colors and working with color in your wardrobe, so I'm gon na link that down below just to give you guys a quick guide if you aren't interested in that kind of thing. So the next thing to go for is great basics. Another thing you cannot go wrong with so think, like t-shirts, blouses, some good trousers, good pair of denim things like that that you know you can rock in your closet time and time again and there never ever ever, gon na go out of style, and especially if You buy these things and great neutral colors you're gon na get wear out of them forever. So even if you're, the kind of person who's like. Oh, I don't know, I don't really want to wear like the most basic t-shirt in the world. Look, that's super boring. Then spice it up, there's also a lot of great t-shirts or tops out there that maybe have some funky cutouts or things like that. That can spice it up. Yet it's still very basic. At the same time, so say it's a white t-shirt and it has like a fun little crisscross in the front. That'S super cute. It'S also very basic and neutral. It'S not gon na go out of style, and you can wear it time and time again so think about when you are searching for things is a versatile piece. Is it neutral? Is it a great basic? Can I wear it time and time again and that's a great thing to have in mind when you are shopping and looking for those pieces? Another thing to go for is very classic patterns, so I personally love stripes, stripes, never ever go out of style and they're a great way to spice things up by having that pattern. Yet it's still also very classic at the same time. So I think stripes and like a print like a leopard print, are great things to go, for that are always going to be in style and look super cute in your wardrobe. Lastly, I thought another thing to keep your eyes peeled for when you are shopping, is statement. Accessories accessories are one of the best ways to spice up your outfit without breaking the bank and also just adding that pop of color or adding that fun element to your outfit and bringing everything together. Even if you are wearing the most basic outfit in the world. You can really jazz it up with some great accessories, so focus on having some more fun with that maybe add trends your liking through accessories, rather than your clothing, if you're not ready to make that leap and that's a great way to spice up your outfit and Have that statement piece happening now on to the what to avoid list. So the first thing I thought of when I was like putting this list together was something you have that's already similar happening in your wardrobe, so say: you're out shopping and you spot this. Like amazing gray, Hynek talk and you're like oh, this is so cute. This would go great in my wardrobe, but then you're like wait. I already have something very, very similar happening in my closet already to me, like that's, not really necessary, to have two things that are very very similar. You know it's obviously your style, because you have that top already at home and you wear it all the time. But the thing is: if you bring in more items that are basically the same thing, then you're not adding any variety to your wardrobe. You pretty much already have that piece happening now. I know this isn't for everyone because, like for instance, I used to work as a waitress, and I had to wear like a black skirt to work every single day. So I did have multiple of black skirts happening in my wardrobe, just because I had to wear them every single day, and you know I couldn't keep up washing them all in time, so I did have a couple to rotate through before I did my washing sessions. So if you have a job where you need to have more than one piece, then obviously go for it. But if you don't have a job where you need to be wearing a similar thing every single day, then honestly, there's no point of really adding multiple items. To your closet that are basically the same thing. The next thing to avoid would be highly trend driven pieces, especially if it's something that you're gon na be dropping some cash on, and maybe it's just super hot at the moment, and it won't be in a year or two. Then it's probably not worth it. To add to your wardrobe, what I kind of like to do is once again block out the outside world. Think if I had no clue what everybody else is wearing or what everybody else was doing. Would I be interested in purchasing this piece and adding it to my closet if you had no idea like what was InStyle and what wasn't do you truly even like this piece? If your answer is, no, then don't buy it. It'S not worth it just because everybody else is wearing it focus on what you like and try to block out the rest. Next up, I would say avoid anything that is cheap and cheap and inexpensive. Aren'T the same thing. You can buy some great things that are inexpensive. Cheap would be like if the seams, if it's not well put together, if it's very thin, flimsy or fabric that you think isn't even gonna hold up after a washer. That'S not really worth adding to your wardrobe. A great thing to do when you are up shopping is hold the fabric up to a light. Can you see through it? Does it seem like it's a good quality or not and then go from there, but you can find some really great basics that are quite inexpensive as well, so yeah just keep that in mind. Cheap and inexpensive aren't necessarily the same thing and lastly, I just want to say like before you go shopping, so you know what to avoid always refresh yourself on your I'm, not comfortable in lists so bring that list back up refresh yourself on all of those things. You listed out that you said I would not want to be caught wearing these things, I'm not comfortable in these things and refresh yourself of the things that you said. I would wear this instead of and then go from there, because you have those things fresh in your mind, you have a good foundation of what to go off of and what to look for when you are out shopping. That, instead of list is a great base to get yourself out there and start building a wardrobe that you really really like these. You know you are gonna wear those pieces and you are comfortable in them and last but not least, ask yourself always when you're shopping. Where am I gonna wear this item? If you cannot answer that or if it's like a super fancy dress - and you don't go to fancy things - probably not the best thing to have in your wardrobe, so always ask yourself the question: where am I gonna wear this item to and also see if You can mentally make a few outfits with that item in your head, while you're on the spot. So if you can think about least three outfits on the spot that that would go seamlessly with and it's probably a really great fit for your wardrobe. Otherwise, if you're struggling to even come up with one outfit, then maybe it's not the best fit.

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