Dressing Rules EVERYONE Should Learn Once And For ALL

-Hi everyone, welcome back to my bog. In today ’s article, I want to talk about what I think everyone Everyone should know the dressing rules. Now, when I say the rules, I ’m not saying that you must follow these rules, Otherwise you will never be fashionable. Instead, I mean some tips and tricks. These are good things, many of us It may not even be considered every day, but when you do this, They do change what you wear Look and feel. Therefore, when you are stuck on what to wear, These things are easy to put in your back pocket, And these things hope Is helpful for the rest of your life, So let's get started.


When it comes to appearance And the feeling when wearing, I think underwear is so important, And many of us do n’t think twice, Therefore, the first technique is to find the perfect bra. Now, when I go to college, I'm a bra personalizer. I work in a department store, Instead of working for Victoria Secret Company, I do n’t recommend Go there to make the size because it is a bit clumsy, Instead, I received training in a department store, I helped women find the perfect bra, I have always been surprised by its results.


They always feel better. They have better postures, and they are always consistent, Because of the right bra, Everyone's clothes feel better. Therefore, it is very simple. I will guide you through the operation And insert some examples. You can continue. But I suggest doing this a few times, Then average out what you get, This should basically provide you with the best results, then, If you are still confused, you can of course Go to an expert. Most department stores have dedicated staff Can help you, and they are all trained, So this is really helpful. I suggest doing this. Therefore, to get the bra size, You need to make two measurements, Then measure the strap size and cup size, For this, you need a flexible tape measure, You can easily shape your body, Then we want to stand in front of the mirror, So that you can easily see the numbers, Then ideally just wear a bra.


If you really need or want to be with friends Doing this together to better understand what happened, You can wear a very thin T-shirt without bulky things, And will definitely form your body, so you can maximize Use accurate figures of the body. Therefore, to obtain the size of the strap, You will pick up the tape measure, Follow it as tightly as possible along the ribs under the chest tension. You do n’t want it to loosen because you really want your strap Not only must it have accurate dimensions, but also a little comfort. I found that most people are doing this Will wear out too loosely, So indeed everything else will be lost, So make sure to tighten it But don't suffocate, and then write down this number.


So, for example, this number is 34. Now you will proceed to the size of the bra cup. Therefore, to do this, You need to measure the tape measure and run along the widest part of the bust, Then tighten it, but not too tightly. You do n’t want your cup to suffocate everything, Because it is very uncomfortable, I found that most women wear cups that are too small, So relax But obviously do n’t let it hang all over the place, You will get incorrect numbers. Therefore, you will do this and reduce the number. So, for example, this number is 36. So now that you have the band size There are also bra cup sizes, you can place them side by side And understand all meanings. Therefore, you always have to perform band size first. So, in our example, it ’s 34, This means that 34 is your starting point. 34 is basically zero, So 34 is not only your strap size, And it is the starting point for calculating the size of the bra cup. For this, you need to measure the bust, Every inch above 34 equals a bra cup. Therefore, 34 and 35 will be 34A, 34, 36 will be 34B, and so on.


Now, if you are between numbers, Then you will round up or down, This is where you must try, Actually try to use a bra. This is not very interesting, but when you find your perfect partner, Everything will be different. Then another thing I want to say in this topic is, If you want a bra, And want something of high quality, Something you can wear for a long time And something effortless, Then you can wear it with many things, My suggestion is to find the first Something close to your natural skin tone, Then find something with a seamless cup , And cover good things on the back. This will make you smooth in all beautiful places, Lift everything you need, And it is barely noticeable under most canopies.


When we discuss the subject of underwear, My next rule or prompt Never wear white underwear under white clothes. Now, I heard contradictory opinions, But based on experience and work in the underwear department, I will tell you, white background Will shine like a lighthouse, And you will see it thousands of miles away, And you will get a lot of people The kind of broken appearance that you are trying to avoid. We hope that our underwear can hardly be found, While wearing white clothes, you are the opposite.



Therefore, together with my first suggestion, My advice is always to find as much as possible Something close to your natural complexion, If it is underwear, underwear, you should use Seamless cups and seamless lines, And all this is different. You can wear it anywhere. It's easy, it's everything How you put it on you has a big impact. same, My next dressing rule is to wear white clothes. I believe you can contact. We are all looking for the perfect white shirt, Perfect white pants or white short skirt, But when we tried it on, we were disappointed, Because it is transparent, You can clearly see everything below, I think it can be attributed to two reasons, The first is what we just said. You need to make sure You have the right color And seamless suitable underwear.


Then fit. If a product is very tight and white, It is very obvious what is underneath, On the contrary, if you choose a larger product Then cut it, Make it look perfect for you, Then it will be different. This is something I have been relying on for many years, I think we are underutilized, so I encourage you Do the same next time you search for white shirts. Enlarge the size, and then customize as needed, This may make you Personal opinion is different. If you ever wanted to be higher, I know I have, I am five feet three inches, So I like to play in proportion, And cheat the eyes when possible, Then the next dressing rule is for you, A two-step formula that looks higher.


The first part of the formula is to find a pair of colors Shoes that are as close to your natural skin color as possible, If its toes are pointed, then add points, Then pair it with high-waisted shoes. The purpose of this is to deceive the eyes at both ends, Therefore, not only your legs look Much higher than the actual starting position, And it looks like it is extending longer than it actually is.


Shoes that match your skin tone, Plus pointed toes, plus high-waisted shoes, Can create beautiful effects. This is a fail-safe combination. It will work whenever i want to feel Really, really great, And when I want to create that illusion, It always works for me. My next dressing rule is Keep all colors in the same family. You know i like it very much Match the color board for your personal wardrobe, And I think to find the color that surprised you, Then make sure they are together Is to make sure you are out of the closet A great way to get the most benefit. Therefore, the color is basically divided into Two main categories. We offer warm colors or yellow-based colors, Then provide cool colors or blue-based colors, Usually to make things look good to the eyes, Cool and cold coexist, warm and warm accompany.


So keeping this in mind is a very good method, Not only can you accurately position your color palette, It can also help you dress up. So if you put on something, Then try to figure out why it is not correct, It will most likely come down to you The basis of the colors worn, Maybe you are trying to cool and warm, Conflict does not work for you. Therefore, following the same idea, I suggest you use a color wheel.


You can find it in most craft shops And find these goods in art shops or online, And they are very cheap, With you when you shop or dress It ’s really helpful to stay together, Because they provide you with clues, Indicate which colors can be used together And which colors can complement each other And really open you up Never considered Many combinations of possibilities. So, I have one, I suggest you also have one, But if in doubt, remember to be cool and cool, warm and warm. There is. These are things that I think everyone should know Some major dressing rules. These are very helpful for my personal style, I hope to help you.


If you are interested, I hope to make it into a series. On this topic, I still have a lot of things to do. In order to watch the article, I had to narrow the scope. However, if you want this to be a small mini-series, Please let me know in the comments below, I am happy to do more. As always, thank you very much for reading, I will see you next time. Have a good day.

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