DIY Clothes Life Hacks - 10 DIY Ideas

In this article,I'm going to write about 10 DIY epic ideas that will transform your closet from Easy, amazing and unique Hey. Where did you get your clothes? You mean my gorgeous shoes, rompers and a shirt I made them. Yes sure I did. I can show you how come on OK Hi guys. I hope you feel super cunning, because today we're going to be pimping up Our clothes, I'm going to show you 10 ways: DIYs and life experiences on how to transform your clothes Old to brand new clothes And for the sake of warning, because I will replenish it All Make it to the top shorts jeans, shoes accessories and much more.


So here you will learn how to get the perfect summer wardrobe, while Madeleine will show you A bunch of epic summer, DIY. It will be linked At the end of this tutorial and in the description bar. But now it's time to sort out our closet. So let's start First, let's make some trendy ultra-patched jeans. This is a wonderful and easy way to Give new life to jeans, shorts or jeans. Jackets.


All you need are some jeans, iron Plus some clothes patches and pins optionally. Take your jeans and pick spots for you Like. I want to start with cherry and that's my space Put it on jeans and cap With a cotton cloth Iron for about a minute or as long as it takes to stain, Stick to jeans. How cute is the panda Gosh? I love it. You can find a large group Patches on fabrics online or in craft stores. The reason why I'm using a cotton cloth when Ironing on patches is simply to protect the embroidery and assure it does Burnt To finish off our jeans, we decided to add some pins as well. Here I have delicious Lemon juice and ice cream are delicious. The last small detail is this beautiful palm tree. All my jeans are done patched. I absolutely love how it turned Jeans patched and Trendy denim jacket. Yet I have seen them everywhere this season and I'm not Complaining about an issue I think, is very cold.


Plus, it's super easy for DIY. I got my Jeans in a savings store for five dollars. I spent a few dollars on patches and there You have a unique and trendy pair of patched jeans for less than $ 10. What a steal! Next, I will show you how to make this totally gorgeous donut floppy hat - I repeat, donut Floppy hat I mean come on. If this doesn't beat the best summer supplement price, then I don't Science For this DIY you'll need a floppy hat, acrylic, paint, board or fabric paint And pointed Chose your donut glaze color, I'm going for pink and Apply it all over the edge of your hat. You can search some donut pictures online for Color inspire, but I think these glazed pink cakes are classic It's time to decorate our donut hat with colored sprinkles, beginning With green lime, I'm using a medium tour Brush to make short lines all over the hat Draw sprinkles In different directions To make it look more realistic, Besides green, I would also like to add some white and blue sprinkles For colored pop


Yay, we are all taking this seriously, the most beautiful summer hat I've ever seen, And the total overload of gravity. I think the idea is so unique and innovative Plus they look amazing on photos which are always a bonus nowadays. Am i right Think Keeping your head protected forms the sun, and this is very important now this is not even Issue. I want to wear it on cloudy days as well, because it's just so pretty not Awesome, tie dye shirt using sharpies Crazy sounds. I know But wait until you see it.


This Way hands down until completely cool. You all need a plain white shirt. Some rub: Alcohol, dropper and sharpies Place cardboard or a piece of plastic inside your shirt to Prevent the color from being moved back, Take a bunch of permanent color signs And it's time to make some magic. I started with a blue dot. Then I'm taking a pink sharpie And I'm gon na make four pink dots all over blue. My third color is Emerald Green And I'm drawing four more points like that Fill the dropper. With some alcohol rub. The required amount of drops is dripped onto the sharpie design center


Look at this Cool marble effect watercolor. I don't know how to call it, but isn't it terrible? We Invited Make another one, The more drops of alcohol you use the further the sharpie ink will Spread out and your biggest design will be. I love the marble circles. Y, my best to be a go-between Volume, so I drip about 10 to 15 drops of alcohol per design.


I'M going to decorate my country Full shirt with flowers from Marble LLC, If you like, you can make it only on part From your shirt, Maybe do like heart or stripes made with these colorful flowers Possibilities. Countless The front of my shirt is all color. So it's time to stand around and Take care of the back too This technique of painting fabric seriously so much fun. It is very interesting to watch how the points transform into beautiful flowers. He left Bottom white part since I'm going to cut it and make the tee crop cropped.


Take your scissors Cut along the edge of the masking tape, making sure that you only cut the back fabric From his shirt. Make a cut on the left and right side Then make a vertical short cut on Anterior tissue like this. Finally, you want to make two diagonal cuts from the center to Sides of his shirt. Voila cropped, our epic com. Everything is done, looking fantastic right, of course, not. We still have to tie the front to knot. That'S why all the pieces are for Now. That'S what we're talking about To make sure that the colors don't fade while washing Set the ink mark in the fabric by ironing for five minutes or put the shirt in Drier for fifteen minutes.


Anyway, what turns epic white t shirt is boring. I am sure you have some old white shirts on the back of your closet. This is perfect DIY Life hack to recycle Years, when I discovered that laying or walking on clouds was not possible. I was beautiful Disorder Fast forward to now, I'm very glad. At least I have found a way to have it Clouds walking with me everywhere I go. This is how you can make your own cloud shoes Take some white, sneakers, blue fabric paint, paintboard self adhesive paper And paint brush. First, we have to make some cloud stencils Draw a cloud on a piece Self adhesive paper and cut it out with scissors. Make a bunch of these some smaller Some are larger, because clouds come in all shapes and sizes. Remove the shoelace from Sneakers to make the painting part easier. Stick the paper clouds all over the shoes. I am mine with a kind of diagonally aligned but feel free to stick it on randomly


Distance, All clouds floating randomly in the sky, Take blue fabric paint and start coloring, Your sneakers To get a sharp and elegant cloud to edge, always move the brush away from the stencil. This way the paint will not be able to slip under the adhesive and cause a mess When And the shoes are completely colored in blue, we can remove the stencils and reveal everything beautiful White, fluffy clouds, Hi handsome. Let'S put the shoelace back and we're ready for Rock on it. You know what they say: Give the right girl, a pair of shoes. She will Conquer the world. I don't know what kind of shoes they had in mind, but I can definitely I see myself conquering the world with these cloudy sneakers. It is only very nice, although I must point out that it can be a little distracting in conquering the world, because all I want Do is admire her and take pictures of them every day.


Tie dye shorts is very hard to find in stores plus it can be very expensive, But this is not a problem for me and you guys, because we cannot simply DIY them. You need eggs, Pants or jeans and tie-dye plus some extra tools. I cut about half white panties About an inch less than the edge of the yellow shorts. This is because we need some extra Tapestry to make it distressed. It'S very handy to use a pair of pants that suit you, Just as a guide, Take tweezers and start pulling some threads all out Along the cutting edge. You can also use a fork nail file or sand paper to make them all grubby When you are satisfied with the way you look take some masking tape and stick a piece across Pants in the front and on the back.


This will be our guide to coloring Start pouring your dye is a green mine. All the way to masking tape. The color will bleed through the tape, only works as a guide Turn the short films around and again dye them until they hide the tape ... It'S time to take our second color. For me, this is red and the bottom color of the pants, as OK




Don'T go too far, even because the color will slowly bleed upwards anyway in the middle Two colors create beautiful, blue and orange gradient, Wait and see Leaves Pants to adjust for about an hour and throw them in the wash. Here are my pants. Everything is beautiful dry. I'M going to put on some buttons to make it look more awesome.


With help from Scissors or a knife securing the buttons on the back pockets, I am using six designed gold buttons To a little triangle on both pockets. We must add that a little extra on the front As well. Here I went for a smaller triangle, design using three buttons on each side. I Totally in love with these pants Now. This is what we might call extreme arrangements right From clear white panties to totally stunning bayan shorts. This is a very playful edgy. Look A little hipster, but most of all unique By the way do not control. This is the very first time Skiing time. So i think i did very well Most of the time. Another big trend now is pendant necklaces. I love how it looks plus it is very easy For DIY Today, I'm going to show you a couple of different styles and the first one. Is this Cool charm necklace? All you need is a chain and magic Cut about 1 meter long piece Of the series. I am using artificial velvet looking cord, Take magic of your choice And thread the chain through the loop

To tie a chain crossing necklace at the back From your neck and achieve the ends forward, Make a little knot in the front and you're ready Rock your very own pendant necklace. You can also simply hook with a bow at the back From your neck, Make one for yourself or give to a friend. This is like quite a bit Present. I think the necklaces look gorgeous extra paired off the shoulder shirts. Besides that, I put on some high waisted, skinny jeans and hat to complete the look. It is widely known that bleaching can make our clothes lighter, But do you guys know, Can you actually write draw and make awesome designs on clothes using bleach? This Hack life is very cool and unique. Take an old pair of jeans scissors bleach, some water, Cornstarch and plastic bag. I want to make jeans out of these jeans for a long time. I am Starting with cutting away excess tissue. This time I make the pants shackled, so I don't You want to cut them very short.


When both sides are cut roll up the edges until two or three times Now, it's time for the fun part decorate with bleach. Of course, we first have to make it Whitening gel Mix together. Half a cup of water and a tablespoon of cornstarch in double boiler, Stir constantly until the mixture thickens upwards and you get a gel like consistency, Remove from heat and add about two tablespoons of bleach Mix well to combine and then pour Bleach gel in a pressure Tube or plastic bag Make a knot and cut the corner of the bag. Our DIY whitening gel pen is all ready to use. I decided to draw a bouquet of flowers On the pants. First, I made a little point and then short stripes all over to represent Petals. I am making different sizes of flowers. The first one was so small. So far, It's time to make a flower bigger Drawing with bleach gel is dangerous much easier Than I thought.


Instead of flowers, you can draw anything else like hearts and Aztec print, Or you can even write words When they are completing at least an hour's waiting fee. That bleach sets The longer you leave on the fabric. The whiter your fabric will Obtains Take a piece of cardboard and scrape bleach off to reveal awesome, white Flowers under it. How beautiful Time to flip pants around and draw a lot of small And large flowers all over the back. Also Having a DIY whitening gel is also beneficial for Stain removal. Keep it in a pressure tube, and it should last you months, remove the Whitening gel from the back of the pants with a cardboard sheet, Threw it in the wash, And there are our brand new excellent flower shorts made with bleach materials. How do I love These? Turns out I'm going to wear them loads. Besides denim, you can also use bleach Jelly for decorating, colored shirts. Wherever you apply it, the shirt will turn white. I'M pairing My shorts with a white crochet jacket and some sneakers to relax, but still casual. Very nice look


You guys know my obsession with the galaxy: I've done: galaxy shoes, bag and screws. Now I want to galaxy t-shirt as well. Yes, the struggle is real, But sorry, no sorry Because who doesn't like Galaxy DIYs, I love them. We'Ll need black T-shirt, hide Tape, paint board and white, pink and blue paint and sponge applied. Put Your shirt is, on a flat surface Place, a piece of cardboard or plastic inside a shirt to Preventing colors moving back. I want to make a cool galaxy triangle design. So here I stick to three pieces of masking tape to form a large triangle in the center, From my tee Time to grab fabrics with paints and create our mysterious galaxy Retreat. Sponge applicator is blue and start applying in circles or half circles within your triangle. Leave the middle of these circles black, because this is where we're going to Apply lighter colors. I created a blueprint of three galaxies.


Go in with white paint And apply it at the center of each galaxy. Now, a little mix of blue and white paint to Create a light blue shade, Apply it between white, blue and dark to help blend The colors and gradient make nice. I would like to apply a touch of pink in the center of each The galaxy because it just makes the design richer and more interesting. Well, now we're ready To decorate this shirt with a lot of stars With a flat brush dipped at the beginning of the white paint Make plus signs to represent the largest stars. I draw them closer together at Amidst the galaxies, then less and less out Make a lot of little white Points to fill space around big stars. To make these you can use a toothpick or * Advice. The stars really bring design together and make them look. Epic Hide hide Stripe to reveal to us the perfect galaxy triangle design. So it's totally awesome isn't it I I want to make a little t-shirt cultivated. So let's take scissors and cut away from five Cm of fabric on the bottom edge.


There we go cropped, our galaxy triangle Completed tee. Looking and amazing. If you want you, we can make the galaxy design on your own Entire shirt. I really like, however, the way this triangle shape turns out. I think it seems Very wearable neat and a little edgy. I paired up with some high waisted jeans, shorts, Of course, my galaxy shoes. I have another super easy and totally adorable DIY shoes to show you Sprinkled shoes. No Is this cute And the best part is that it only takes minutes to make, and I promise You need some fabric marks and a pair of sneakers. All I do is draw a colored drawing Sprinkle all over the shoes. I love using the fluorescent colors to make my shoes look bright And happy To make the design more realistic, draw sprinkles in different directions. This way it appears as if they were randomly sprinkled on your shoes. Instead of weaving Marks, You can completely use canvas or acrylic sketch to draw sprinkles, Especially if Your shoes are darker. These will probably work better as fabric marks just work. Well, The material is lighter.


Voila, perhaps the easiest DIY ever, but still absolutely gorgeous. This sprinkler method can also be used to decorate shirts pants school bag, and you Name it At the end of the day, everything looks much better with teacher sprinkles right, Because chokers are such a big thing right now. I had to include at least 2 in this tutorial, Unlike the one I showed you earlier. This one is a lot more girly, as it is made of Of lace. To make it, you would need any kind of embellished lace, a piece of thread, a button scissors Glue, plus thread and needle


Take your flowery lace embellished and wrap around your neck To measure how long a piece you need Cut any excess. Take your button theme and A needle and starts sewing a button on one of the ends of the lace. This way we're going to Make the button closure very neat and beautiful that will make it easier to place the necklace, Open and close Lock the button in place with the knot and trim away the excess thread.


The button is ready and now it's time to bring this episode to the other end. You want to stick it to The back side of the lace, so it will not be visible while wearing a necklace. Take a piece From the chain fold it like that and stick it on Wait for the glue to dry and that's it. You can easily make a bracelet in the same way as well Just use a shorter piece of lace To fit your wrist. This pendant is very cute and girly. I wear it with a bit of lace, Shirt, high waisted, skirt and, of course, my donut hat

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