Complete Guide To Vegan Clothing

People who just turned vegan The primary focus should be on removing meat, egg and milk It is sometimes not practical to replace all animal products purchased in the past Economically may not allow After all, the damage has already been caused when buying But if you deeply agree with veganism Wearing clothing made of animals tends to become uncomfortable Once these clothes are worn out You have a responsibility to replace them with more humane products The main industries for making clothing from animals are: Fur, leather, wool, down and silk industry Animals used as fur are kept in the farm almost all their lives Including mink, rabbit and fox are all imprisoned in a small cage Put them under great stress They are fed ground meat grits that are not suitable for human consumption To keep the fur intact Common methods of slaughter include broken neck, poisoning and electric shock Although fur coats are gradually out of fashion Fur coats and boots are still popular It's not difficult to find artificial leather herbs But the production cost of dermis is often lower So some businesses will lie about materials In other words, the products advertised as artificial fur may also be made of animals (Avoid buying genuine leather) The easiest way is to buy clothing that is completely fur-free, including artificial fur But if you really want to buy (avoid buying genuine leather), the easiest way is to buy clothing that does not contain fur at all, including artificial fur But if you really want to buy You can check the list of artificial fur manufacturers certified by the Humane Society And when you lift the hair, you will find that if the bottom layer is either leather or fabric If you want to be more sure You can cut a few hairs to burn after purchase If it ’s real hair, it smells like burning human hair And false hair will produce plastic smell If you find it is real hair Can be returned to the original store to return The fur industry has become the object of criticism by more and more people Shameless people support fur! However, the leather industry is equally cruel People think that leather is just a by-product of the beef industry But the demand for leather is not small, so some animals are killed to supply leather Most of the leather comes from Indian cattle In order to send cattle to areas that can be legally slaughtered The cattle were nailed with hoofs and ropes Forced to walk under the hot sand and dust without water or food Many cattle can't stand the pressure and collapse When they walk weakly and slowly, the tail will be repeatedly pinched to the fracture Force them to keep moving Porter Will put nose ropes on the cows and pull their necks and tails And use chili and tobacco to force them to continue walking Workers will rub chili into the eyes of cattle and use chili and tobacco to force them to continue walking Workers will rub chili into the eyes of cattle Stimulate them to stand up The people who push them on the truck are usually rude And the unfamiliar delivery process plus no water to eat Cause the cow to be dizzy Half died before arriving at the slaughterhouse Under normal circumstances, they will be hacked and sawed to death in front of their companions Leather can be derived from many different animals Contains crocodiles, sheep, pigs and deer Different types of leather also have different names Such as deerskin, suede, horse hips Although the leather industry has caused great harm to animals Genuine leather has become synonymous with high-end products Even if the main component of clothing is not genuine leather Also often decorated with a little cowhide In this way, the commodity can be marked as the market price of genuine leather Leather is probably the most common animal material It exists in various clothing such as bags, shoes, belts, jackets and gloves Because genuine leather is more expensive than synthetic leather Leather products are generally marked So it's easy to spot and avoid Low-cost leather shoes, bags and wallets are usually made of PU leather (a type of plastic leather) In addition to using PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for other imitation leather products Will also use advanced materials such as cork, seaweed and microfiber Everyone seems to have the myth that “synthetic leather is less durable than cowhide” Cheap and rough synthetic leather products are indeed more prone to damage That's because the alternative materials used are of inferior quality The high-grade synthetic leather is tough, durable and long-lived Most clothing will be clearly marked For shoes, you can view the inside of the heel or under the tongue Some information should be printed somewhere Like "leather upper" or "artificial material" But sometimes there are only label stickers with symbols If marked as "fabric", "artificial material" or "other material" Then no leather You can also have the courage to write to the manufacturer or confirm with the store Most people think wool is just shaving sheep No moral doubts But like the fur and leather industry, the wool industry is profit-oriented All means naturally only seek the maximum output value And the sheep used in this industry are cultivated The amount of hair that has grown is far beyond what they need It ’s like breaking a person ’s leg before giving him a wheelchair Just expect him to thank you Shaving frequently will cut the sheep In addition, in order to prevent too many flies from infecting the flock The industry will implement the "cut skin and fly prevention method" The practice is very cruel, you must cut off part of the meat of the sheep's hips Without anesthetic Once the older sheep are out of production Is sent to slaughter because they are considered as money-losing goods Like leather wool is a very common material Used to make coats, sweaters, socks and woolen caps But you can buy clothing made from other alternative materials Such as rayon, cotton, hemp fiber, flax and bamboo Or synthetic fibers such as acrylic, nylon and microfiber Remember to confirm the label Avoid buying clothing that contains any kind of wool The down industry will pluck the feathers of ducks and geese Make them unhappy With feathers being rudely pulled off the skin often leaves a laceration It's all about speed Purchasing down will also boost the fatty liver industry The industry sells ducks and geese feathers that have been fed food for profit Down is used to make coats, jackets and other thermal insulation products Fortunately, there are also many coats using cotton and polyester fiber With artificial insulation materials such as primaloft and thinsulate Check the label or product description for down, duck or goose If so, look for alternatives The silk industry annually invests hundreds of millions of silkworms with potential perception Steamed or poisoned alive in the cocoon So that we can use them to make clothing Clothing made of silk includes dresses, scarves and underwear There are many alternative materials Contains rayon, nylon, milkweed fiber, Tencel cotton, kapok tree fiber, Gibb, polyester and lyocell Other materials containing silk can be avoided together.



I will list them below The clothes we wear every day are almost made of polyester fiber, cotton and acrylic Vegan For example, most T-shirts and trousers use cotton Most sweaters and hoodies use polyester, acrylic and cotton Although at first it seemed to take pains to confirm the label But you will soon become familiar with what products or materials are vegan Finally, you will be familiar But for some products like leather shoes or belts, you may still have to check online Many people do not know that many vegan leather shoes still contain animal glue Send an email to ask the manufacturer to get answers But the situation is usually that even the manufacturer does not know the composition of the glue The good news is that artificial rubber is gradually replacing animal glue So don't be discouraged Do everything you can In the small manual below I have listed a list of online shops where you can buy vegan clothes It is very important that vegans should always be committed Buy the least environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing However, we are used to buying cheap but unethical products To buy vegan, organic and fair trade clothing It seems unaffordable to most people The best solution is to go to a charity shop to buy second-hand vegan clothing Another good idea is to live a minimalist life Only buy clothes that are really necessary This is the most ethical and environmentally friendly lifestyle Some vegans can buy second-hand leather and wool products Although this will not cause additional damage to the animal But it will encourage the concept of animal commodification If you do n’t want to wear shoes made from the skin of the abused Then you should not wear leather shoes Vegan clothing is like vegan makeup I remember that many people who have just converted to vegan choose to use the original product This is no problem If an arrogant guy criticizes you for acting differently Remind them that veganism is to exclude animal products as far as possible Make the best use of clothes and things does not touch your morality Check out the small manual below as before There are more detailed information and vegan friendly store links I also have a full guide to vegan diet and vegan make-up Go check it out If you want to help support me in creating this useful information Like this video that took me weeks to complete Please visit my Pateron website and consider funding me And if you are switching to vegan, need help Write to me or add me Skype Thanks for watching

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