8 Fashion Mistakes EVERY Girl Should Avoid! *clothing hacks*

Today I'm sharing with you my top 8 fashion mistakes I think everyone makes loungewear edition! before quarantine I didn't own any cute loungewear all by war were ratty old t-shirts and graphic tees that were really childish looking and I wanted to find a way to elevate my loungewear without having to spend too much money so today I'll be sharing with you my top eight tips along with some fashion mistakes I think we're all making the best places to find affordable loungewear I hope you enjoyed today's article give it a big thumbs up if you enjoy it I wanted to give back to you guys so I'm giving away a hundred dollar gift card to Amazon to one lucky winner so I hope you consider subscribing to my article so without further ado let's hop into this article go the very first fashion mistake that everyone makes is getting makeup on your clothes it's totally unavoidable to get makeup on your clothes especially when you're getting ready in the morning so taking your scarf I'm just going to pop it over my face and then taking my sweater I'm just going to try my best to push the hole as big as possible and then bring it over my head that way the makeup is on my scarf and not on my turtleneck I know you might be thinking Alli who wears makeup when they're lounging around at home but trust me when you're getting ready in the morning you probably have on a really comfortable shirt or top and you don't want to get your makeup all over it so another hoodie hack is to find one with a very low you neck like this because the opening is way wider than usual and the same with removing your sweater just plop on your scarf and then carefully take off your sweater so try to stretch them out a little bit and bring star underneath and look there's actually no makeup on the scarf which is a miracle I have a love-hate relationship with cropped hoodies great for photos going on neurons but when it comes to eating bread for your teeth or honestly tried to function as a human being it doesn't make sense because the hoodie opens up all the way and then it drags over the table or over the sink when you try to brush your teeth or take off your makeup and then your sleeves start driving all over everything as well and it just gets stained really easily so when I do wear crop buddies and try to do everyday activities I have to tuck it in fashion mistake number three not having a special set of loungewear you know that one table that we feel like I probably could get more uses out of it and I don't really want to donate it yet so you end up wearing it to sleep but it just doesn't make you happy and I'm not telling you to spend a lot of money on a fancy lunch set that's not what I'm trying to say at all I just want you to think about the outfit you're wearing and if it makes you happy or not like why put on a ratty old t-shirt that's like all sweaty and stained why not have a special set of loungewear that you can put on immediately when you come home my fourth most common fashion mistake is believing that I needed to spend a lot of money on designer clothing in order to make my loungewear look more expensive and pair my top for affordable loungewear brand I love boohoo for more of that IG fatty love jogger pants are so thick and they were under $15 I know such a steal and fabletics has amazing leggings but also they recently launched a eco-friendly line of loungewear that's made out of recycled water bottle we all need a cozy cardigan because I find that wear cardigans way more than robes so this one is from Amazon and I believe it's under 40 bucks and it's so thick and cozy my secret weapon for the best soft t-shirt so this came in a 2-pack and I love that it's made out of a modal material that's very luxe and just feels so soft against the skin Oh slip dresses sometimes they can be see-through so definitely beware of that you don't want to accidentally wear a slip dress outside and not realize that your bra and panties are showing so hi can check for this if you're shopping online or even at home is to stand in front of a mirror in the Sun and then see if the light shines through the fabric and usually solid darker colors are not a see-through compared to lighter colors if you really want to elevate your loungewear pick up high shine fabrics satins and silks look very luxurious and it makes an outfit look so high-end if your high-waisted joggers are just a little bit too long on you and your petite like me pull them up as high as you can and then fold over the band these ones are a little bit strange I don't know why this ties off to the side you can see my pants are super baggy they're just a bit too long until I realized they had a petite style but if they're a bit long for you pull up the band as high as you can and then you can tuck in the fabric underneath there's nothing I love more than an all-white set I think it's timeless chic lighter color pants can easily be see-through or sheer so beware of that an easy way to check if your pants are see-through is by holding it up to the Sun if you can see the tag straight through of the pants then you know you will definitely be able to see your underwear and you don't want that rock really good-looking sweatpants wear nude underwear if you wear underneath matters so much and what I'm talking about is underwears definitely go for a thong style because anything else like a bikini or a brief you will definitely see the outline and that is a little secret that I wanted to share with you for all the ladies out there trust me you'll thank me later a really easy clubbing hack and it's a pair a large duster cardigan or rope over it that way you can't see your booty area and it's nicely covered by the cardigan hi I'm Ali Chen today I'm applying for the new role of head of community my last and final fashion mistake is being a victim of social media and what I mean by that is sometimes we see tutorials online and we take them just a little bit too seriously I made this to talk right here and I showed you how to elevate a white loungewear set work at home appropriate there's so many of the comments were roasting me that you would get fired and it's not professional professional you ever - like a zoom interview or article conference or even in person don't wear your blazer over your lounge clothes put the classic blouse underneath and trousers and just play it more safe fashion mistake number one is getting makeup all over your loungewear mistake number two is believing that loungewear has to be baggy loungewear can be comfortable but also stylish at the same time lighter clothing tends to be more see-through and sheer wear seamless underwear if you want a seamless overall look set aside a loungewear set that's special to you and makes you feel more elevated and womanly try high shine materials like satins and silks because it will definitely elevate your loungewear experience cropped hoodies are not the most functional item but there's definitely a tiny place for them especially for photography last but not least go with a monochromatic neutral look I tend to look more elevated and luxurious be sure to consider subscribing to my article to join my family if you want to join today's giveaway you should have follow me on Instagram and all the rules will be down below I love you guys and I hope you're staying safe if you want to check out my previous patch on how this article click right here


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